March 1, 2011

Cabinet No. 2

Here is this week's featured cabinet made by none other than my sweet daddy.

This console table is similar to one I had seen in a *ahem* catalog of a popular store located in my local mall. That's all I'm saying. It's similar.

It's pretty close to the front wall of the house so I couldn't get a good front facing view of it. We have used it for storage of school items and arts and craft items when the kids were little. The canvas baskets are quite handy for coloring books and crayons, extra loose leaf paper for homework and any school papers that we didn't want thrown away by my husband (he probably won't look in there for anything).

This is one of only a few pieces of furniture that my father has actually painted. He is a lover of the wood he uses to build with and usually refuses to use paint, only stain. He made my lower kitchen cupboards which you can see in an earlier post here. Those are painted, but I painted them. My dad did not. So, any other furniture made by my dad that you will see, will not be painted. Oh, one other thing he has painted is any vanity cabinets he has made for bathrooms.

I also had some time to work on some ideas for my etsy shop today.

Here's a sneak peek...more later on that.

Also, I was looking through a shoe box full of post cards that was my mother's. I found some beautiful cards and photos of France.

I was thinking of framing some of them for the shop and maybe some for myself.  My mother went to Lourdes with my Nana and her sister and brother-in-law (Auntie Margaret & Uncle Bob) when she was 19. It was a pilgrimage they went on and they picked all these up when they were there in France. 

Oh! I forgot to post some pictures of Big V's birthday celebration.
Her sister made a sign...

She sat in her usual spot...

And opened lots of presents from her lovely family.

It was a fun party and my house was nice and clean. : )

I just realized that I'm sick of taking pictures in the dark. It really is hard to get good shots with so little daylight here in Buffalo, and I refuse to use the flash. Bleh.

Thank goodness I had the day off today to get things done. It was so different from last week. There were too many distractions. But today was nice. The weather was sunny and V and I even went for a walk. She made me run though, and I'm not really a runner. I had some chest pains and back spasms, but I lived.

Thank you for coming by to see me. See you again soon!


  1. What a treasure to have furniture in your home that was built by your father! I absolutely love it! I would give anything to have something like that built by my father. He was not a carpenter at all. Happy Birthday V! It looks like a fun party. I could enjoy a piece of that cake right about now. :)

  2. Is that called "tatting"? on the doily? It's so beautiful. I am always in awe when I see one of those and realize someone actually made that by hand. My grandmother did that long before I was born as did her mother but my mother never learned and I'm sorry to say that neither did I.

  3. Hi Candace,
    It is called tatting and I think my grandmother made this doily. I found a spool of the yarn in her things after she had passed away. Of course I was too young to ask her to show me how to do it, but I would love to find someone to show me how too. My mother was a knitter and I picked up on that a little bit. Thanks for stopping in!!