July 23, 2011

Flower Power

Holy Hydrangea! I had to cut some of these and put them in my ironstone pitcher. I was dreaming of filling it with flowers the day I bought it.

And to make all things sweeter, I had a monarch on my white cone flowers!

The monarch is my favorite butterfly and I haven't had one in the yard in a couple of years.

We are back from Cape Cod and I have some great photos to share. But, of course I have to unpack first. I'll be back!

I'm so thankful for a safe trip home (I really can't stand thruway driving, it's so harrowing). :)

July 14, 2011

Coastal Decor

I love to decorate my house for summer.

I think its because I looooovvvvveee seashells.
(Must be the Pisces thing)

(Two pictures taken by my girl Big V)

I have little dishes and jars of them all over the place.

Here is a great little memory I made with a jar of things collected on the beach.

The shells and rocks that are in the jar are from our first trip to Cape Cod. The kids were little and we went with some really good friends of ours. I filled the jar with the shells and rocks and put a picture of our girls and our friends girls dancing on the dock inside the jar as well. 

Then I wrote the place and the year on a tag and tied it around the jar.
It has been a source of much admiration since I made it.
It always makes me smile at the memory of a great trip with our friends and how cute the kids were.

Hope you are out there making good summer memories!

July 10, 2011

Phase Two: Complete

The porch floor is finished.

I love the color. I have used a similar color in both my living room and my back hall.

I'm so excited that things are getting done around here. Next my dad and I are going to do some repairs to the wood frames and then I will start painting that and the screens.

It's nice to see some results and be able to check things off my list.

We will be going to the Cape soon, so this week will be hectic. But the end result will be a great vacation so I'm looking forward.

See you soon!

July 9, 2011

Floor Painting

Today we moved e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g back out of the screened porch so I can start painting the floor. (Phase 2)

If I decide the floor needs a second coat, this will all stay here until tomorrow.

So here are the before photos of the floor...

...and here is the color that it will become.

It's called "Pebbled Path" and it's a cross between gray and brown.

Off I go, have to get this finished. Then I can move on to the next phase. Lol.

July 6, 2011

New Directions

So today I am celebrating new directions.

Today I gave my three week notice at work. I have decided that I cannot keep working in such a stressful job, it is affecting my health. When I first started there, my fibro was mild. But I really think that my job is the reason that I have been having so much trouble with my pain management lately.

When I was a stay-at-home-mom, my friend Amy worked and she used to say that her employer got the best part of her every day and that she didn't have much to give her family when she got home. I started feeling the same way lately. Always coming home crabby and complaining. Never getting anything done. I still have to spring clean and it's July.

Yesterday was especially difficult. It was the day after a holiday, and for some reason, everyone needs their medications on those days. So being busy and short staffed, I couldn't eat when I was hungry and got a migraine. Also, from all the working about the house for the party this past weekend, and walking to the fireworks and back, my hip was killing me. Then, this sweet lady comes in and starts telling us how her husband is dying. She cried. I cried. (My head throbbed). Some things her husband is going through remind me of how my mom suffered. I couldn't take it any longer. Not that I am unfeeling, I think I feel too much. We have lost some of our favorite customers, some wonderful blessings to this earth. Every time we do, I cry.

I just decided that I need a break. I need to get into a job that is more creative. I need to spend time on my Etsy shop. I need to get out there and find a place for me that allows me to make something beautiful, or make something look beautiful. My life will take a new direction. 

So, today, I feel better :)

I came home from work all giddy, my kids were laughing. They thought it was weird that I was coming home from work in a good mood. My dad asked if I was drunk! Lol! Then the girls laughed even more. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted.

Remember last summer I was marveling at the hydrangeas on Cape Cod? And I was going to disguise myself as a local and go to a garden center there to try and get their secret for growing plants just covered in flowers? Well, I figured out the secret!
I just don't know what it is yet.

This thing is covered in flowers/buds. I don't have any idea on this planet, what I did.

It also amazes me how each flower is a different color. I know, it's all about the acid in the soil. But, it still is a little mind boggling that a plant can have so much variation.

Light pink, dark pink, green, pinkish-purple, darker purple, a tinge of blue on one side of the plant...
...white, pale purple with pale green on the other side. Just amazing. I've been putting things on the top of the soil like pine needles and coffee grounds. Maybe that's why its so varied, those items may not be hitting all the roots. This fall I will work the soil around it and add a bunch of stuff. Maybe I'll get solid blue next year then. Although, I really think the varied colors are beautiful.

So, I am thankful today for a great husband who has supported me and put up with my bad moods after work for the last couple of years. He has encouraged me to do what I would like. He knows the old saying "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". Lol. But really, he's too good to me.

And I'm also thankful I had a job when many people didn't over the last few years. If any of you are looking for a job, pharmaceuticals is the place to be, cuz doctors are prescribing the crap out of them.
Have a great night! Remember you are blessed!!! 
(Gotta go get the girls from the movies)

July 5, 2011

Busy Holiday

The 4th of July was very busy for us. I have my family picnic at my house and I am very particular about how everything looks and is set up.

I did get the wall painted in my screen porch, but I've decided that it will be an all summer project to get the whole thing done. So, unlike how I usually would, I am taking it a little at a time so I don't get stressed out.

So here is a partial look at the result of phase one.

The wall looks great. Since I didn't have much luck with growing flowers in it, I took one of my wicker planters and used it to hold things we may need out at the table, because the kitchen is not right inside the door. The porch is actually off the living room.

I made a muslin liner for the zinc insert since it was sort of corroded and rusty. Then I brought out plates and wine glasses, napkins and silverware.

The bottom was just the right dimensions to hold a French wine crate from one of my husband's previous trips.

I put in some of our favorite games to play out on the porch in the summer months.

It felt like I worked non-stop for five days to get ready for the party.

Then it came.

We cooked...

...swam and played...

...and tried to get the best action picture of Brian jumping in the pool. Lol.

We dropped into town and saw the fireworks, walked home and I went to bed. It sure is tough gettin' up for work in the morning after a party. Lol.

Hope you celebrated independence in the best way possible!

July 1, 2011

Ah, July

Today is the first day of July and I can't believe how fast June went.

When I got up this morning, it was so nice outside, the sun was shining, no one was cutting the grass yet, the pool filter was off. It was so peaceful. A nice time to take a walk through the garden.
Some newly opened lilies.


Verbena, one of my favorites.

A really cool petunia, dark purple, almost black.

I don't know what this plant is. A girl that I work with gave it to me out of her mother's garden. The Cape is loaded with them and so that's why I like them. If anyone knows what this is called, please let me know!

My purple coneflowers, already being attacked by Japanese beetles. Arrgggh!

This year I also have a white coneflower. Can't wait until more of them open.

It was such a perfect morning, we ate breakfast outside. The pool was crystal clear and Big V went swimming right after she ate.

It felt like I was on vacation. I thought, "How did I get so lucky?" I am truly blessed.