February 11, 2012

St. Valentines Day Project

I finally got to take some photos of my St Valentine's Day crafty that I made.

I've had these paper heart shaped doilies for years. I cut out some of the centers and I cut some hearts out of the sheet music I got from my dad's house last week.

I remember when I was a kid, my mom had some large round paper doilies. I loved to take skinny markers and color each circular level a different color. :)

Anyhoo, I attached these hearts to a skinny red ribbon.

Just for kicks, I took two sheet music hearts and stapled them together. Then I separated the hearts and made it 3-D.  I attached them to the doily hearts with some monofilament.

This week was crazy, and I was having some eye problems. But all is well again. One thing that was on the to do list this week:

Rory went to the groomer.

 She ran around like a mad dog when she got home and then went to lay under the dining room table. Then she looked like she wasn't happy about it.

Ooh, is she ever soft after her bath. My sweet little puppy. :) I took the bow and such out of her fur. Then she went and rubbed her head along the side of the couch and she rolled around on the carpet.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

February 4, 2012

Friday Treasures, Saturday's Words

Once again this week I went out estate sale-ing and thrifting.

At the estate sale I found these...

...two folding rules, two foot long.

They unfold in two directions, if you can see here.

Next I went to a thrift store in the city. I love this store because its huge and they have more furniture and dinnerware than some of the ones nearer to my house.

I found...

...a big Buffalo China platter.

If you remember my recent post with the painted china platters, I said if I found a bigger platter I would want to keep it and not paint it. Well, I found one and now I'm not sure what to do with it. lol

I also picked up this really cute chair for $6.

Little V needs a chair for her desk, and since her room is ultra tiny, it has to be a folding one so it can be stowed away. (The desk hangs on the wall. My dad made it. Maybe someday, if she cleans it off, I can show it to you).
Anyhoo, I'm not a big fan of the green, and her room is pink for the time being, so I will probably paint it white. I've been looking for a homemade chalk paint project anyhow so, for a few dollars, this can be it.

I have joined the Sister Bloggers at SaMiE Designs . Check out this program if you get the chance. They pair seasoned bloggers with newer bloggers to help each other along. I am excited to get started with this. Please check out my new sister Danni at Silo Hill Farm .
Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. Hope you enjoy the commercials and drive safely!

Have a great weekend!!!

Thank you for dropping in to see what I'm up to. It really means a lot to me. :)

February 1, 2012

Foggy Weather and A Project At Dad's

Today the weather started out warm, but got colder as the morning went on.

A light fog came in.

I went out to my dad's house to work on a project. He said he would help me. :) As I was driving down his street, I stopped to grab a few shots of the foggy morning.

The farmer's field.

So, I hate to have to admit this, but I am a procrastinator. I'm sure anyone who has been following me for a while will attest to that. I have not started to work on my bentwood chairs that I posted about a long time ago. I really don't have a good workspace and definitely don't have the tools. So my daddy said he would help me and I should come for lunch too.

Here are the chairs before we started.

The caning is all broken, and my dad already cut me some plywood circles for new seats. I originally wanted to paint the chairs black, and I even bought the paint. But for some reason, I changed my mind and now I want them stained.

My dad cut away the top of the seat, but the caning goes in and out of those little holes four or five times each. We used a nail set/punch to push it through.

Here is one without the caning.

It took us about and hour and a half to get it all done.   We put a coat of paint stripper on the one chair to see if it would work. My dad had this stripper for a while and we didn't know if it was any good. Turns out it wasn't so we have to get some new stuff and try again. We watched The Price is Right and had lunch.

Right now, my dad's own project is a rocking horse for my niece's son.

It's nearly done, just has to be varnished and put together. Oh, plus it needs a tail and a mane.

While I was there, I looked through my mom's recipe box and found a bunch to copy. I also went through some old sheet music and grabbed a bit of that for a craft project.

Stay tuned for more on the bentwoods. Now that my dad is involved, they will actually get done!

Thanks for stopping in!