July 28, 2010

June Part 2

Sorry it has taken so long to get back. I had a work party at my house and I was doing all sorts of projects around here.

The girls had about 6 field trips at the end of the school year. It felt like it was only meant to drag school out. The kids were just wishing they could have stayed home and skipped all the running about. Especially since it was really hot out and they could have been swimming in the pool.

The cherry tree was covered with cherries. We were so excited. They were turning red so nicely. Then, all of a sudden, they started to mold. AGAIN. Just like last year. I really thought this year was going to be different. I don't know if it's something with the tree itself, or if it's the weather. All I know is we used to get a bucket full of cherries and now we aren't even getting one.

The last of the peonies was cut.
The last day of school came. Of middle school. Of parochial school.
Then, graduation.
Now, let me tell you that up until this day, I could not even mention it to my daughter, or anyone, for that matter, without getting choked up. She would roll her eyes and shake her head at me. I know, I'm a mushy, over-emotional mom.
I shed a few tears during the sign of peace.
But I totally lost it when we got outside afterwards and I saw my never-shed-a-tear daughter, with tears in her eyes.
Here she is with her teachers.
I think it's hard because all of a sudden, it's over. In like an hour and a half, the people you have been with since Pre-K 3, are all going different ways. Some you may never see again. Some you may not want to see again, after all, 11 years is a lot of time to spend with the same people. But mostly you will miss them. I don't know if she had even thought of it before that moment.
Here we all are with my Dad outside of church.
We went to a local restaurant and had something to eat and drink. The kids danced for a while because there was a dj there.
So, that was the end of school.  Now on to summer vacation.

A deer in our neighbor's yard. Better he eat her garden than mine! Lol!

The event we had been waiting for.

Sorry this picture is so poor. I had to take it with my cell phone. We are waiting in line at the "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" opening. Since the kids were out of school, we decided we should have a go at the opening day midnight show. The theater was very organized. They had everyone divided into lines by theater. Clearly they are used to midnight openings. We were lucky enough to be the first line of people they let in. We had an hour and a half less that we had to sit on the marble floor in the mall. Lol. The movie was great. We have already gone back to see it again.

Just want to thank God for 11 special years at our school that was a great foundation for my daughter. I'm sure she will continue to be a sweet, smart, funny, ambitious young lady. We are very proud of her.

We did have some sadness along with the good times in June. My brother's best friend, Danny, was killed in a motorcycle accident. They have been friends for around 35 years. He had three children. I am thankful for his friendship and his part in my life. I had a giant crush on him when I was a teenager. He will always be a part of my memories of growing up. He will be missed.

July 21, 2010

June, Part 1

Here is the start of June. I want to get something posted towards it, but I also have a painting project that I need to get to so this has to be brief.

First of all, the peonies opened! I was walking around the village here every day looking at everyone else's peonies and wondering why mine wouldn't open. But then I remembered that my parents anniversary is the 20th, so they must be late bloomers if I was able to use them around that date. Anyhow, they opened, and I was in my glory.
Can't you just smell them right now?

We had a million and one softball games, and somehow, much to her dismay, Little V wound up on the school team as a "fill in" and she also played on her own house team.

The girls made it through the playoffs to the championship game. Unfortunately, they lost this one. Only their second loss all season. Girls softball is not like it was when I was a kid. The whole team is built on pitching. If you have a great pitcher, you're in. We had good pitching, but this last team we played had a pitcher who could change up. Throw two balls, then when you stop to watch the third go by, she would throw a strike. It was something. Oh well, no matter, the girls had an amazing season and became close friends as they played. Most of them are moving on to high schools different than my daughter. So the last few games of the season were especially meaningful as she will not play with them again.
Oh, and my Dad got the "Most Loyal Fan" award because he didn't miss a single game. The girls all signed a ball for him. He was so thrilled!
In addition to 4-5 ball games a week, we had haircuts, dental appointments that kept being re-scheduled due to playoff games, final exams (that also needed studying time for), my brother's suprise 50th birthday party (which, of course, I forgot to take my camera to), my niece's baby shower (which, of course, I also forgot to take my camera to), and a wedding shower for Ron's cousin. This I took my camera to.
Delicious cake, and cookies with a hint of lemon in them. Mmmmm.
Here's Erin with her mom, Jeanne. The wedding is at the end of August. I can't wait for it because Ron's cousins from out of state will be there and we don't get to see them very often.

I'm thankful right now for a break in my thoughts so that I can go paint. Even though it's very humid and hot here today so I don't know how well the paint will dry. But, here goes.

July 19, 2010


Okay, so back to May. Softball season started and Big V played for school again this year. The team was fantastic.
After the team prayer and cheer, they all head out to the field.

My third baseman.

This was a hit, after the ball got to her. Lol.

We had a first communion.

My great-niece, and godchild. Punkin' face. : )

The 8th grade had their "Hope Ribbon" ceremony. This is best explained by a ceremony where each student is given a ribbon that they wear for the remainder of the school year. It symbolizes their hopes for their futures.

So grown up. It makes me sad. :( But happy that everyone is healthy and strong and able to go on to the next chapter of their lives.

My Dad pinned the ribbon on.

A wonderful breakfast and tear-jerking slideshow followed.

Also in May, my garden really started to open up.
Beautiful irises.



And, the best of all, the start of my beloved peonies. I used these peonies to decorate th party for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I have to have blooms on them. I freak out when I don't. Lol. Also, there is nothing, nothing, like the fragrance of peonies. I wish I could bottle the scent and keep it all year long. I love how the ants promote the opening of the buds. I have been known to find ants somewhere else in the yard and transport them to the peony buds to help them open. I'm so impatient.

The farmer's markets opened. We got lettuce and tomatoes for the Memorial Day party at my brother's house. I also found an extraordinary geranium.
The woman I bought it from said it was a rare, heirloom geranium. I believed her because I have only ever seen one in my perennial book and I wanted it as soon as I saw it. I bought it on the spot. This one will be brought into the house for the winter for sure. I will do everything in my power to keep this alive as long as I can. Each flower in the cluster resembles a miniature rose. It really is gorgeous.

Memorial day was quite warm and rain-free. My poor brother has had his share of crappy weather for this family party.
This year he lucked out.
We had our annual family softball game.
Then we all got eaten alive by mosquitoes, went in for dessert and headed home.

Oh, one more thing...
I bought a hydrangea at the farmers market as well.

So all in all, May was very busy and somewhat emotional. I know I was thankful for my girls being healthy and being able to play ball, go to school, have more birthdays. I also am thankful for God sending spring to us, finally, and for softball. I love the game. I can see why it (baseball) is the national past time. Everyone gets three chances and nine people try to get you out. Its so cool. I know, I'm weird.

Up next, June!

Holy Cow, I Just Realized I Haven't Blogged Since April 21!!!!!

Okay, I can't believe it. I haven't blogged since April. I swear I thought it was closer to May. Well, it looks as though I have a lot of catching up to do. Here is a most recent picture of where I've been. Then I'll go back to the past three months of fun.

Cape Cod.
One of God's greatest creations.
Ten days of pure relaxation, sand, sun and seafood.
Ah, fresh, just caught seafood.

Ok, I will get to the Cape Cod vacation. First, I have to review all the things that have happened over the past three months, that incidentally FLEW by.

At the beginning of all of this was my baby girl's birthday.
I can't believe it was 12 years ago when Little V came along. She was grabbing jewelry on nurses and trying to sit up right after she was born. I'm not kidding. I should have known what I was in for. Lol! : )
Lots of presents, and snacks, and cake.

She went from this...

to twelve in about thirty seconds, got an ipod touch for her birthday and I haven't seen her since.
Now she's too big to sit on my lap or kiss me goodnight. I NEVER thought that would happen. She has always been my cuddler. Oh well, maybe its just a phase. :(

We also have the Kentucky Derby at the same time as Baby Girl's birthday. My friend Leayn has a party every year.

My horse never wins. Lol.
A fancy hat is always appropriate.

More later, I have to run to the grocery store. Since we were away for 11 days, there is NO food in this house.