July 28, 2010

June Part 2

Sorry it has taken so long to get back. I had a work party at my house and I was doing all sorts of projects around here.

The girls had about 6 field trips at the end of the school year. It felt like it was only meant to drag school out. The kids were just wishing they could have stayed home and skipped all the running about. Especially since it was really hot out and they could have been swimming in the pool.

The cherry tree was covered with cherries. We were so excited. They were turning red so nicely. Then, all of a sudden, they started to mold. AGAIN. Just like last year. I really thought this year was going to be different. I don't know if it's something with the tree itself, or if it's the weather. All I know is we used to get a bucket full of cherries and now we aren't even getting one.

The last of the peonies was cut.
The last day of school came. Of middle school. Of parochial school.
Then, graduation.
Now, let me tell you that up until this day, I could not even mention it to my daughter, or anyone, for that matter, without getting choked up. She would roll her eyes and shake her head at me. I know, I'm a mushy, over-emotional mom.
I shed a few tears during the sign of peace.
But I totally lost it when we got outside afterwards and I saw my never-shed-a-tear daughter, with tears in her eyes.
Here she is with her teachers.
I think it's hard because all of a sudden, it's over. In like an hour and a half, the people you have been with since Pre-K 3, are all going different ways. Some you may never see again. Some you may not want to see again, after all, 11 years is a lot of time to spend with the same people. But mostly you will miss them. I don't know if she had even thought of it before that moment.
Here we all are with my Dad outside of church.
We went to a local restaurant and had something to eat and drink. The kids danced for a while because there was a dj there.
So, that was the end of school.  Now on to summer vacation.

A deer in our neighbor's yard. Better he eat her garden than mine! Lol!

The event we had been waiting for.

Sorry this picture is so poor. I had to take it with my cell phone. We are waiting in line at the "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" opening. Since the kids were out of school, we decided we should have a go at the opening day midnight show. The theater was very organized. They had everyone divided into lines by theater. Clearly they are used to midnight openings. We were lucky enough to be the first line of people they let in. We had an hour and a half less that we had to sit on the marble floor in the mall. Lol. The movie was great. We have already gone back to see it again.

Just want to thank God for 11 special years at our school that was a great foundation for my daughter. I'm sure she will continue to be a sweet, smart, funny, ambitious young lady. We are very proud of her.

We did have some sadness along with the good times in June. My brother's best friend, Danny, was killed in a motorcycle accident. They have been friends for around 35 years. He had three children. I am thankful for his friendship and his part in my life. I had a giant crush on him when I was a teenager. He will always be a part of my memories of growing up. He will be missed.

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