July 21, 2010

June, Part 1

Here is the start of June. I want to get something posted towards it, but I also have a painting project that I need to get to so this has to be brief.

First of all, the peonies opened! I was walking around the village here every day looking at everyone else's peonies and wondering why mine wouldn't open. But then I remembered that my parents anniversary is the 20th, so they must be late bloomers if I was able to use them around that date. Anyhow, they opened, and I was in my glory.
Can't you just smell them right now?

We had a million and one softball games, and somehow, much to her dismay, Little V wound up on the school team as a "fill in" and she also played on her own house team.

The girls made it through the playoffs to the championship game. Unfortunately, they lost this one. Only their second loss all season. Girls softball is not like it was when I was a kid. The whole team is built on pitching. If you have a great pitcher, you're in. We had good pitching, but this last team we played had a pitcher who could change up. Throw two balls, then when you stop to watch the third go by, she would throw a strike. It was something. Oh well, no matter, the girls had an amazing season and became close friends as they played. Most of them are moving on to high schools different than my daughter. So the last few games of the season were especially meaningful as she will not play with them again.
Oh, and my Dad got the "Most Loyal Fan" award because he didn't miss a single game. The girls all signed a ball for him. He was so thrilled!
In addition to 4-5 ball games a week, we had haircuts, dental appointments that kept being re-scheduled due to playoff games, final exams (that also needed studying time for), my brother's suprise 50th birthday party (which, of course, I forgot to take my camera to), my niece's baby shower (which, of course, I also forgot to take my camera to), and a wedding shower for Ron's cousin. This I took my camera to.
Delicious cake, and cookies with a hint of lemon in them. Mmmmm.
Here's Erin with her mom, Jeanne. The wedding is at the end of August. I can't wait for it because Ron's cousins from out of state will be there and we don't get to see them very often.

I'm thankful right now for a break in my thoughts so that I can go paint. Even though it's very humid and hot here today so I don't know how well the paint will dry. But, here goes.

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