July 5, 2011

Busy Holiday

The 4th of July was very busy for us. I have my family picnic at my house and I am very particular about how everything looks and is set up.

I did get the wall painted in my screen porch, but I've decided that it will be an all summer project to get the whole thing done. So, unlike how I usually would, I am taking it a little at a time so I don't get stressed out.

So here is a partial look at the result of phase one.

The wall looks great. Since I didn't have much luck with growing flowers in it, I took one of my wicker planters and used it to hold things we may need out at the table, because the kitchen is not right inside the door. The porch is actually off the living room.

I made a muslin liner for the zinc insert since it was sort of corroded and rusty. Then I brought out plates and wine glasses, napkins and silverware.

The bottom was just the right dimensions to hold a French wine crate from one of my husband's previous trips.

I put in some of our favorite games to play out on the porch in the summer months.

It felt like I worked non-stop for five days to get ready for the party.

Then it came.

We cooked...

...swam and played...

...and tried to get the best action picture of Brian jumping in the pool. Lol.

We dropped into town and saw the fireworks, walked home and I went to bed. It sure is tough gettin' up for work in the morning after a party. Lol.

Hope you celebrated independence in the best way possible!

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