March 21, 2011

Old Friends

This past Friday evening, my nephew, Reed, was playing out at a local coffee shop. I don't get to see him much because he's finishing up his teaching degree with student teaching and school keeps him very busy.

He's on the right in this picture. Also, his girl Valerie sang a few songs with them, but I can't seem to get the pic to upload. I'll keep trying.

Then Saturday, my old friend was in town with her family, including her new baby. I held him for a bit, but he didn't want me to hold him. 

He wanted his mommy.

It was so great to see the whole family, I think it's been about 18 months since the last time I did.

Also this past week and weekend, we have seen the return of so many of our birds. We happened to notice some red-headed woodpeckers making a hole for their home in one of our trees.

I tried to get some good pictures.

I just noticed that both the male and the female are in this picture. One is up near the hole on the right and one is down to the left side of the tree.

The male has such a bright head.

He was throwing beakfuls of sawdust out of the hole. Then he saw me and was checking me out.

Sorry about the wires, kind of a necessity, and I couldn't move them out of the way or else I would have. : )

As I was heading back into the house, I heard a cardinal in my neighbor's back yard. So as I walked next to my garage to look back there, I saw some other visitors.

I didn't even see the obvious one who is right in front of me, I only saw the deer in the bottom left walking across the yard. Then as I tried to get around the patio furniture to get a good shot, I saw the one in the hedge row, about the same time he saw me.

He didn't want to turn away, he was waiting to see what I would do. I decided to leave them alone, but a neighbor was walking up the street with their dog so the deer took off anyway.

Hope you have a good week!!

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  1. ok too weird my niece played at a coffee shop last weekend! and that baby how sweet!! suz