March 13, 2011

New Look

Welcome to Sure As Eggs' new look! I was getting tired of the dark brown background and I was ready for a change. I hope you like it!

I went to a couple of estate sales on Friday and I got some really nifty things.

First off, I found these really neat industrial looking tins. They are old film canisters. This one in the front appears to have had masking tape around it that was pulled off, leaving an interesting pattern.

I found this great folding rule.

Then I found two wind up tape measures.

I also found the most darling little purse.
It's lined with brown satin and has a small mirror inside.

Then I found this old thermos in perfect condition.
It's still in the box!

I also found this telephone message pad. It is so sweet. It reminds me of my grandmother who had a telephone answering service for years and years. She had this great little wall mounted cabinet with cubbies in it and the messages would be written down and put in the person's cubby. They would then call in and ask for their messages. When she passed away, the cabinet got thrown out. Much to my dismay. We do have her paperweight that was on her desk. It has a little gold telephone suspended in Lucite. If I can get my sister to let me take a picture of it, I''ll show it to you some time.

I also found this shabby tray at a thrift store on Friday. I love the grapes and vine pattern around the edge.

I will probably be listing these items in my ETSY shop. I've been checking out the vintage sellers on there and they seem to be doing well. Just thought I'd give it a try.

Well, I'm off to plan my dinner menu for the week so I can go to the grocery store. Fun! Now that I work in the store, I hate going there. Wish you could email your whole list and go to a drive up window and pick it up without having to go inside the store. I would so do that!!

Enjoy your Sunday!!


  1. These are some fabulous finds, the tins are amazing! I love those clicky clacky rulers used to play sword fights with them!! My nana used to have cutlery like those pictured, when ever I stayed with her I just had to use them, it's funny how things our grandparents had are the same things we look for now in junk / thrift stores!

    It's Eastbourne Pier in my pictures, not far from Brighton. Sussex is such a great place to live, although you have probably seen more of it than me, I'm yet to venture much out of Eastbourne!

  2. Oh and the new background looks great!

  3. WOW!! Good stuff!!!

    You got really lucky!!!! I love the little purse and the folding measuring stick.

    PS - your new background is beautiful!

  4. I love the new look around here and I can't believe what wonderful treasures you found! That measuring stick brings back a ton of memories. My dad had one of those and I played with it like crazy as a child. Those film canisters and that purse are awesome!! Thanks for sharing them all with us!

  5. Hi Mary! The covered bridge in my header photo is a couple of miles from my home. That picture was taken right after we moved to New Hampshire during our first real snow storm. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me! I hope you get a chance to give the quesadillas a try. They make a very yummy breakfast! Have a great Wednesday, Candace

  6. hi mar! it was fun going with you, i enjoyed it! hope to get together again soon! love the new look too!! suz