March 26, 2011

A Finished Task

So. I finally, finally, made the lemon curd with the Meyer lemons!
It was so easy. I have no idea why I've been putting it off for so long.

They always say you should get everything ready and measured first. Mise en place.
So first, I zested and juiced the lemons. How come you always zest your finger a bit? Ouch!

Then I measured out all the ingredients...

Cooked it all up...

Put it in the jars...

Then I processed them in a hot water bath and  I. WAS. DONE.

This may replace my jams and such as the Christmas gift of choice for my friends. It was so easy. No fruit to cut up. No fruit flies. No mess. I will be making more soon since there are only two jars and I know we will be going through it quickly.

You too can make this lovely lemony delight. I followed the recipe here.

Also, the preserved lemons are ready and I am going to attempt to make a most difficult meal with one on Monday. I will be sure and post the recipe here and show you how it comes out!!

Yesterday I went to my dad's to help him start going through the countless things my mother had saved.
There were bags and bags of gift bags and gift boxes and wrapping paper. Some bags just had crumpled shopping bags in them. In one bag, that I'm sure he was going to throw out, I found two head pieces. I think one was my Auntie Margaret's from her wedding and the other was my mother's from standing up in the wedding. I also found an old crinoline. Could have been from my mother's wedding dress.

I forgot to take my camera with me, but next time I go there, I will get pics of these things. Silly me, my mother always told me to never go out without a camera. If I had a nickel for every time I missed a good picture because I left my camera home...

I found this old, deep frame. It may look nice with a coat of white paint.

Also, I found a cute tea cozy that my aunt made.
It's a bit wonky. Somehow the spout opening is too low. Perhaps she made it for a specific teapot with a low spout. Maybe I can open up the seam and sew up the bottom a bit to move the hole higher. Its the perfect size for my little teapot I got from the Buffalo China tent sale a bunch of years ago.

I wanted to mention that I have been keeping up with planning meals for the week and I will say that I am spending waaaaay less money. When I am done with work, I leave the store and go home. I am not spending the $25-$40 each day that I was spending last fall and over the holidays. I am so proud of myself. I also have been writing it all on calendar sheets so I can make sure I don't keep repeating the same meals. I also noticed that we are not going out to eat or ordering in nearly at all because everything is figured out. If you can try to do this, you should. Especially since the price of food will be going up as the gas prices continue to climb. I have found plenty of great recipes on foodnetwork. I will try almost any recipe from Tyler Florence. He is amazing.

Also, just wanted to have you check out my friend Susan's 500th post on her blog and a giveaway. She has made some very nice things to give away for this special occasion!

I need to mention that I am sooo thankful that my nephew has just returned from Afghanistan unharmed. His unit came back the other day. Sadly, they lost a man about a month ago. So tragic to make it so close to coming home only to lose your life. I am so sorry for his family and am keeping them in my prayers.

Hope you have a good night.

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  1. The lemon curd looks soooo good! I hope to try my hand at canning this summer when I get a "big girl" kitchen. I would love to receive something like that as a gift so maybe I will give homemade gifts from my kitchen this year. I was so bad about zesting and grating my fingers that my chef son-in-law gave me a glove that they use in their restaurant when they cut things. It has helped immensely to keep my fingers safe. I'm not very graceful in the kitchen sometimes. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me! I'm going to look for your maple sugar post now. Hope you are haivng a great weekend, Candace