July 17, 2012

Relaxing Weekend Away

This past weekend we went to Saratoga to visit our friends.
It is such a beautiful town, with a lot of history.
The main drag downtown is always hopping.

My friend Annie is a great cook and delighted us with this awesome dish.

It was penne with shrimp and tomatoes with this lovely melted feta cheese over it. I hope I get it right if I make it because my husband is already asking me to.

The race track doesn't open until next weekend, but Sunday was family day so we took all the kids there for the festivities.

They had one race, a steeplechase.

It's such a beautiful old grandstand.

 We went out on Lake George on their boat.

Where I promptly moved into my new house.

The kids went tubing...

...and survived. Lol.

We had a great time and we are so blessed to have such sweet friends who took time out of their busy lives to spend with us. We wish Saratoga was closer to Buffalo so we could see more of them. My girls are already asking to go back!

Hope you had a great weekend. :)


  1. Oh Saratoga looks wonderful! I have never been to a race track but I want to! Great pictures of the lake as well. I would never want to leave a place like that! Thanks for sharing your beautiful weekend!

  2. What a wonderful place! Esp that lake - we're lake folks too. That tubing is for the 'kids' LOL! they look like they enjoyed it to the fullest!

  3. Looks like a great time what a way to beat the heat!!Like you new summer home, I like the white one with all the windows.