July 10, 2012

Dreaming of Cape Cod

This summer we are not going to Cape Cod. We usually go every other year, but we just went three years in a row. Also, Big V has Driver Ed so she can't miss that.
I will miss it sooooo much this year. I'm not really sure why it's calling to me so much.

Maybe these are some reasons...

Last year we went on a whale watch. It seemed like this fellow was waving us in. He kept rolling over and over.

Then he jumped out of the water!

We were so fortunate the water was like glass that day.

We always go to the Wellfleet flea market. It's one of the best flea markets in the country.

It is usually very hot there, but that doesn't stop me. Everyone else waits in the car and I keep looking through the antique vendors booths.

There are long days of wave riding...

...and walking the beach looking for glass and shells and interesting rocks.

We go down to the beach for sunsets.

We go to our favorite restaurant in Provincetown, The Patio. The white peach mojitos are to die for!

And every day includes a nice, hot, outdoor shower.

All the sand on your body washes off and stays outside. It's wonderful! :)

The other night we decided to have a "mock" Cape night. So we went to a local seafood restaurant that closely resembles a place called Arnold's that we love to go to. Then, after we came home and let our dinner digest, we decided to go out for ice cream. Ron drove over the curbs on the sides of our street to make it seem like the bumpy dirt road we stay on. Then we went to our local ice cream stand but we pretended it was Ben and Jerry's. LOL. It was fun.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!


  1. I envy you being able to go to Cape Code every other year. I can see why it is calling to you. I was there once on a day trip. I would love to go again.

    1. Barb, you should try to go again, it's worth it. There is nothing like spending time at the coast.

  2. these pictures are getting me ready for the Cape trip. Thank-You kids for my birthday present [trip to the Cape] can't wait.