July 30, 2012

Finished Strip Quilt

I finished the strip quilt that I bought all that pretty rainbow colored fabric for.

This quilt is for Ron's cousin Nicole's baby shower.
I thought this type of quilt would be easier than the one I made for his niece, and it was in some respects, but washing and ironing small strips of fabric can change the nap so the ones with obvious patterns were a bit wonky. I had to try to re-iron them to get the pattern straight or trim them so it was straight, which made some of them thinner than I wanted.

Well, anyway, it was well received and I was very happy with the colors. I want to make one for myself now. Maybe over the winter. I really need to take a class and learn the correct way to do it all.
I am glad it is done because when I'm doing a project like that, I can't spend any time on anything else. Lord knows, I have so many other projects I need to do this summer and it's nice to move on. Plus it will be nice to have my dining room table back as that is also my sewing/cutting table. :)

The idea for this quilt actually was from one of my pins on Pinterest.
Here is my original pin:
Sunset Strip Quilt and Sham
 It was available from Garnet Hill.

I took a picture of this with my cell phone and then went to the fabric store and looked for fabrics that were comparable to the ones used in this quilt. I love doing that. I did it with the last quilt and it was satisfying to find comparable or matching fabrics to my inspiration.

I bought strips of the fabrics in varying widths. I washed and dried and ironed the fabrics so they would be preshrunk and not shrink when Nicole washes the quilt.  I stitched the strips together, stacked the quilt body on top of the batting and then the backing fabric, which was the navy you see in the top picture. Then I pinned all three layers and basted it in four directions. Then I hand tied it in several places with embroidery floss in colors that complemented the fabrics I used.
Once again I made my own bias tape for the edging and sewed that all the way around.

I'm off to Lowe's or Home Depot tomorrow to get some paint and things for my next projects. I'm excited to get started.

Have a good night!!!!

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  1. Hi Mary,

    First of all thank you for linking up with me for Pinned it, Made it! Monday. And secondly, that quilt is beautiful. You did an excellent job of matching similiar fabrics. I know the recipient of that quilt loved it. What a wonderful keepsake to treasure! You're a wonderful gift giver! :)

    Lowes is my friend. Lord knows we've given them plenty of money with all of our projects! Bet you have something fun planned!

    Have a great week!

  2. I love it Mary! Those colors are gorgeous together. Quilts are just full of love and labor and it "sure as eggs" shows in yours! Nice job (again)!

  3. This quilt is amazing and so is the other quilt you made. The colors are so cheerful and perfect for children. Fantastic job and I know it will just be loved to death. -new follower by the way :)

  4. Hi Mary! this pretty quilt will surely be so appreciated - you did a terrific job!

  5. that is really pretty! i've always wanted to learn to quilt, maybe someday! and i love that saying "sure as eggs" never heard it before!