July 21, 2012

Garden Walk

This weekend is the Garden Walk in my community.

I'm amazed at the energy of these talented people. I can only dream of having gardens such as these.
I am also intrigued by the everyday look of people's homes and then the backyard is such a pleasant surprise!

One of those homes belongs to a man I used to be in Garden Club with.

Now, for small village lots, I thought this was a really nice garden.

But turn around, and follow a path through some fences...

...and you're in a beautiful Japanese garden.

He dug all this by hand!

This is actually the back of his garage.
Simply gorgeous, and so relaxing. I would love to go sit over there when the garden walk isn't going on so it would be quieter and have less people.

I've figured out what my garden is missing. Whimsy.

But it also needs trees. My husband doesn't like them so he took down every single one we had in our yard. I need to twist his arm and get some more trees out there!

Hope you enjoyed a little snapshot of our little town! :)


  1. I did enjoy that! How beautiful is that Japanese garden!! I loved those huge pieces of bamboo! And that hose nozzle collection...how fun is that? If I had some extra money, it would probably go for a garden instead of something in my house!!! I want a big recirculating water feature someday. As always....great pictures!

    1. Thanks Danni! You're too kind. :)

  2. Mary, these photos are awesome! Such in inviting place to lounge! I have nominated your Blog for The Sunshine Ward! Please go to my site to check out the details.