March 5, 2012

Time Marches...


I know I have been away for quite a while. I have unfortunately been sunk in my usual winter doldrums. I hate them, but I cannot avoid them for some reason. I don't want to complain about the winter since it has been very mild here, but it seems like we still haven't had much sunshine. That is the part that gets me.

Anyhow, time keeps moving, and even though I haven't felt like doing much, we still had a lot going on here.

For any of you who were following me this time last year, you know the very difficult time my daughter was having in a large public school after spending her life in a small Catholic elementary school. Well, we pulled her out and sent her to the local Catholic high school and the change has been astounding.

She just finished basketball season, she couldn't even touch the team last year. (I know this is blurry, but I thought it was such a cool action shot).

She was inducted into the National Honor Society (in a candlelight, hard-to-photograph ceremony).

She signed her name in the official book.

We are so proud of her and it will only continue. I'm not one to brag about my kids, but she was so downtrodden last year, I want to shout her new accomplishments from the rooftops.
Softball tryouts started today, so hopefully the blessings will continue.

Winter doldrums or no, we went to the hockey game. lol. Gotta do something fun, right?

We had Valentines, then my birthday, then Big V's birthday.

It was her 16th.
So... we drive.

She has been doing very well. Of course, since her dad is a policeman, she has been driving in the park after school for the last year, but there isn't much traffic there. Or curbs.

Today I am thankful for the sun shining, finally.
We are supposed to have some warmer, nice weather for the next two days. I'm excited to have a breath of spring. It makes me start to think about my garden and projects I want to do out back. I just know I will be late starting the projects and next thing it will be 80 degrees and too hot to do anything but lay by the pool. I'm looking forward to getting some motivation to get things done. Spring cleaning always helps me feel better, maybe I'll start that tomorrow. :)

Hope you have a great night, and thank you for checking back in on me, even though I was M.I.A.


  1. I'm glad to hear your daughter is doing well in the small Catholic school. Congratulations to her on getting her drivers permit.
    I hope you have lots of sunshine to help with the winter doldrums.

  2. You can brag about family I do all the time, big V and little V are great kids!!! Want the name of a good driving school? heehee With you on sunshine,can't wait, Have a great day!!!!