March 15, 2012

Annoying Chair Refinishing Part Two

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was working on refinishing my two bent wood chairs at my dad's house. You can see that here.
I also mentioned that I put a coat of furniture stripper on them and it didn't do much.

Well, my dad got me a different brand of stripper but it was caustic so I had to wait until we had a warmish day so I could use it out in his garage. So, I went back to his house to try again.
(We did have a conversation about all the caustic things he used in the basement workshop over the years and how he was never concerned. I had to interject how all of us kids and my mom had to breathe that stuff in. We came to the conclusion that now we know what is wrong with all of his kids.)

Anyhoo, this is the best it came out.

This little spot of bare wood.

The rest is still the same, but I believe the varnish is starting to break up.

Not very good. And, annoying because I will probably have to cover it again. Or let it all dry and sand them. Yuck. There is nothing I hate more than sanding. So my dad got out the phone book and called a few numbers of people listed as furniture strippers. The cheapest price we got was $35 each, hand stripped. I suppose that's a good price when you think about how long it will take to sand them.

I know what my mother-in-law is thinking while she's reading this, "You shoulda took them out in the yard and spray painted them like Jenny." Well, I'm not Jenny, Ma, and I know, OK?! I even have the paint. I just thought they were nice and old and would look good with that old stained look.

So should I spring for the $70 to get them stripped, put another coat of stripper on them,  sand them, or paint the doggone things like Jenny would? Oh, and by the way, I need them for Easter dinner. :)


  1. I vote to sand the rough spots and re-stain when weather permits. Hmm, about your time frame, now that's a thinker...

  2. Mary,Mary, your not Jenny but you are my Mary,I hate refinishing altoghter,found out what to use to ready for painting.They might be ready fo Easter.

  3. I would probably seriously consider sending them out if I were you, Mary, considering you are wanting to have them for Easter. Of course, I would seriously consider it without the time constraints if I could work that into my budget. I hate sanding. :)

  4. Thanks to everyone for your input. My dear father, who hates to paint wood, is trying to get me to sand them. He's been sanding since 1956. He says he would be a great bank robber because he has no fingerprints. lol We will see what happens!

  5. Arghhhh! How frustrating! I hate sanding too! If it were me I'd treat myself to the $70 stripping and just appreciate the joy that is loving those chairs! My father-in-law also has a stockpile of chemicals and if he thinks the EPA is going to take something off the market, he stocks up!! He's old school.

    1. That's funny! Sounds like my dad. Once they announced they weren't going to make regular old lightbulbs any more, he bought about 100 to have on hand. He says they will last him the rest of his life. Lol!