March 21, 2012

Spring Feeever

I have been trying to get a few things done lately, mostly things that need to be done in the house.

But, we have had the most amazing and unexpected weather here, that I now have heavy spring fever.
We have had 5 days with record high temperatures, and, we are supposed to have one more tomorrow. Normally in Buffalo in March, the high temp is around 47 degrees. Yesterday was 81 degrees, today was 82. It was the highest temperature ever on record in March in Buffalo. We are so unused to this! I even slept with my windows open last night. I can't believe it. March 21st and I'm sleeping with my windows open!

Things are starting to come up in the garden.
Here are my tulips.

Here are my neighbor's tulips. She is on the sunny side of the street and, she is really good to her soil. I should buy some of her compost. Lol.

Normally, the tulips are the last to open, around the end of April. All around her tulips are peonies.

Mine are barely poking through the ground. They will not be this tall until May.

Of course we can't forget the hyacinths and daffodils.

Back to the non-sunny side of the street, I already have leaves opening on my hydrangea.

The great weather is fantastic, but it's only March and we usually have snow here into April. It's not unusual to have snow on Easter. I just hope everything doesn't freeze and die off. The local apple growers are nervous because their buds are starting to open and a freeze will mean curtains to this year's crop. But right now, I'm being thankful for a month or two of extra time to get the yard, patio and screen porch ready for summer. My wheels are turning!

So, even though I need to finish raking the yard while it's warm, I'm working on some things inside. We have our theme basket raffle at the elementary school this Friday and I made a few things to put in a First Communion basket. Here is one of a pair of bobby pins I made for it.

I also made a pair with a beaded flower with a pearl on it and a bracelet with vintage crystals from a necklace and pale blue Chinese crystals but I forgot to take pictures of them before I took them in to school. Duh!

Here is a bobby I made to put away for next Christmas.

My sister and I are trying to do a few things each month throughout the year to make sure we don't have so much to do all at one time. I always end up feeling like I should have a little something for nieces or nephew's girlfriends. So I'm starting early on getting some of these done.

Baby Quilt Update:
I pre-shrunk the fabrics for my baby quilt, but my rotary cutter blade couldn't cut butter so I have to get a new one this weekend.

Oh, one more thing, I went to a local quilt shop today and bought another fabric for the quilt.

Isn't it so cute? I love it. I needed one with some birds on it and the colors are great.

Hope you are having some great weather where you are!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures (as usual)!! I love those little bobby pins! I didn't know you did beads. I have heard that if you run your rotary cutter through foil several times it sharpens it nicely. (I haven't needed to try this yet, so maybe you'll let me know if it works?) Thanks again for all of your help this week. You are the best blogger sister a girl could want!