October 28, 2010

Another Fall Day and Project Spanish

On this particular fall day, I went to work with a hooded coat on so that my hair would have some resemblance to the way I styled it before I left the house. It has been very windy.

But, back to nicer thoughts and visions.

This is one of the last few dahlias I was able to get off my plants before I dug them out of the ground to dry out for next year. These plants did not disappoint. They were huge and covered in flowers all summer long. I hope I am drying them out properly so that they will grow as well next year.

My neighbor has this lovely ivy growing up the chimney. I really liked the color palette it presents in the fall. Well in keeping with the rest of our neighborhood.

My girl is working on a Spanish project tonight. (I'm calling it "Project Spanish" in honor of the finale of Project Runway that we are watching.) She mentioned something about the "Day of the Dead". They had to build a diorama to remember one they have lost. She did her project for my mother.

Here is my interpretation of the items in the project. Once she reads my blog she can tell me if I'm right or wrong. 

Starting at the top, left corner and going clockwise:
~lavender - my mother's favorite. I know I told the story already of how she would give me lavender water on a handkerchief to make me feel better. I'm thinking she had learned the same from her mother and always loved the smell of it;
~the Union Jack - my Mom was from England, and was proud of it until the very end. She used to say how she loved and missed her home, I wish she could have gone back to visit one more time;
~a rosary - she may have given this to my daughter, she was devoted to the rosary and at one point she was saying it three times a day, she believed it could save the world and I wish I were as devoted as she;
~two cherries - she had been in a nursing home that was a little slice of hell, and my Dad had had enough of it. He brought her home to take care of her himself, including giving her insulin shots every day which he never thought he could do. One day, when my bother came in from Oregon to help my Dad for a bit, I brought cherries for her to eat because she loved them so. Well, she got such a sugar high from those cherries, she was shooting about the house after my brother, with her walker! It was so funny. She was a riot. My dad, of course, scolded me because her sugar count was so high. But it was worth it to see some of her old spunk;
~a car - I'm not sure about the car, I'll have to get back to you on that;
~flowers - I'm thinking it reminds my girl of how much my mom loved flowers;
~a butterfly - my mother was enamored with butterflies. She took pictures of them all the time. When we were in the cemetery after her funeral, there was a monarch butterfly flitting around us, we were sure it was her as this was her favorite brand of butterfly. Last summer when my niece had her wedding at the lighthouse from my last post, there were two monarchs flying around us there, I had to hold my breath to keep from sobbing outloud. I wonder who the other one was? My Nana, perhaps, or Auntie Margaret;
~a sweater - as Gabrielle got older, she got colder, and she always had a sweater on. Sometimes she would come to our house and she would take the sweater off. When she would leave to go home, she would forget the sweater. My dad used to say she would leave it here to make sure she got invited back. Lol!
~a tea bag - being British means you drink tea. My folks came as many afternoons as possible so they could see the girls and we would have tea at 3:30; of course she tried to make tea drinkers out of us all and my kids were no exception;
~a ceramic turtle - these figures are given out in a box of Red Rose tea. She would save them and give them to her grandchildren. I don't know where this turtle came from but Big V must be saving them somewhere in this house.

Today I must be thankful that my mother made such and impression on my girl. It brings tears to my eyes. It is the same as the impression she made on me. I can only hope to be as much of a positive influence to my girls as my mother was and still is to me. :)

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