November 10, 2010

Getting a Jump on the Holidays

Last year, Christmas was terrible for me. First of all, for the last few years, we have been going to Philadelphia over Thanksgiving for Irish dance regionals and I was totally behind the eight-ball when we got home.

Then, I was miserable without my mother. I think the first year we were all relieved that she was not in pain or suffering any more. But I've heard that the second year is the worst. And it was. I didn't really decorate my house, I barely baked anything and my husband did almost all the shopping.

This year is already different. My girls have both stopped Irish dancing so we are home for Thanksgiving. Also, I have started preparing for Christmas early. I have been making my lists and checking them twice. Lol. I started decorating outside when the weather's good and I've bought some gifts already.

Here is a project I am working on.
The possibilities are endless with these. Almost as many as there are real snowflakes. JK.

More on my progress later....

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