November 21, 2010

Christmas Photo Shoot

I took everyone outside to get a picture for our annual photo Christmas card. Everyone took a shower and put on their finest plaid. I set up my tripod and practiced taking pictures of the scene with no people, with my timer (so I could see if I could run around without tripping over the tripod), in color, in black and white.
Last year my niece put the Christmas card picture on Facebook before I sent the cards out, but this year, there will only be this preview on my blog. 

This is the preview:

Ok, its a bit of a work in progress. After I pick the perfect picture, have the cards made and send them out, I will put the picture on here. No spoiling the surprise.

Oh, I almost forgot. My brother had the rock cut. No, not that kind of rock. The rock I held onto for 30 years while he has been on the other end of the country. Anyhoo, he sent me my half.

It's really pretty inside. I knew it would be. It was telling me itself while it was in my dining room hutch all these years. I'm so thrilled with the result. I'll take more pics later. It was hard to get the focus to go inside the rock. I just need more time to play around with the camera.

I'm getting my Christmas decorations up, but I didn't take pictures yet. I will do that this week, as I only have to work two days. Last week I worked four and it was exhausting.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

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