October 21, 2010

Oh, How Could I Have Forgotten This?

I forgot to mention that when we came home from our
drive up north, Ron made the most delicious dinner.

It is called Chicken Normandy and you can find the recipe here
It is an Emeril Lagasse recipe and the flavor is amazing.
We did not have Calvados, which is an apple brandy, but since we were in the wine tasting room earlier, we had purchased some apple wine and used that instead. If you can get some for this dish, it may be something you would enjoy drinking the rest of. When we tasted it, it was warm. The woman had warmed it on the stove with some mulling spice tea bags. It was wonderful. Just right for a chilly fall day.

Give this recipe a try, even the girls liked it.

How can I not be thankful for a husband who likes to cook and is good at it? Only problem is that when he is not here, I can't remember how to cook sometimes. Lol. I guess he has to go back to the 8-4 shift.

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