October 20, 2010

Fall Drive

We have had some nice weekend days that were choice opportunities for a drive to get pumpkins and cider.

We live in the suburbs so a drive to the country is really not that far. This trip we took was up north towards Lake Ontario. The farm we stopped at was having a pumpkin-palooza. There were loads of people there. They had live music, a chicken barbeque, a hay bale maze, animals to pet.

Any chicken that was not inside the fenced in area was promptly chased by a young boy. Needless to say, they all stayed put.

The two V's were listening to the music while we tasted and shopped for wine in the tasting room. This farm also has a brewery. We tried some beer too. If one is given the opportunity, one must try things in life. Right? Don't worry, we tried the cider, too!

On the trip back home, we went by some ruins. Now, I know, Western New York hardly sounds like a "ruins" type place, and believe me, I was as shocked as you. But here are the ruins of a mill along a creek that just begs to have it's picture taken. I was happy to oblige.

It is very eerie. It makes you wonder about all the people who worked here.

I think people tear things down when they are no longer useful. That's why we don't have ruins. No one really had the desire to preserve the past until lately. I know in the 50's and 60's, some very remarkable buildings were torn down in Buffalo. One was a Frank Lloyd Wright designed office building. I think people just didn't realize what they had so they got rid of what was unnecessary. But someone stuck up for this place. How lucky for me!

From there we found a nice park, where we climbed some trees and took some pictures.

Maybe Christmas card worthy? We shall see.

Every year I am thankful for October. It is my favorite month. Not too hot, not too cold, too beautiful for words. Your eye tries to record the unbelieveable colors it sees. Each one changing with the weather conditions. Bright and faded in the afternoon sun. Dark and bold in the rain, against tree trunks that are nearly black from the dampness. Brilliant in the light of the rising or setting sun. Yes, truly, I am thankful for October.

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