January 31, 2010

Where have I been?

This past week was very busy. Between work, my volunteer job at my girl's school, my oldest daughter had two basketball games and her other various activities, I didn't have time to make an entry here. This game was a victory. I'm not sure of the exact score. I can ask her, she is keeping track. I love how it looks like the ball is stuck to her hand! lol.

The team is very good, but has come across two other teams that have been impossible to beat this year. Last year they only lost one game and also took the division title. My girly is playing guard this year, though in all past seasons she played forward. She loves playing forward but due to injuries and girls that didn't play this year, she has stepped up and played where her team needed her most. Since it is her last year in this school, every moment is a big deal to us. I am trying to remember everything and take a lot of pictures. Another game tomorrow and then playoffs. Wish us luck!

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