January 18, 2010

Sure as Eggs???

Hello! Welcome to Sure as Eggs. I wanted to name this blog something that would remind me of my mother, so she could be a part of it. She passed away about 18 months ago and I miss her terribly. She is the gal on the right of that great picture I call "London Ladies" in my banner. In the picture is (from right) my Nana, Auntie Margaret (my mom's sister), Auntie Till (my Nana's sister) and of course, my mom. Gabrielle.

Sure as eggs is a saying my mother used to describe something that would happen for sure. Such as "i was carrying a box full of glasses and sure as eggs, I dropped it". I don't know if its a British saying or where it came from. I hope I've described it correctly.

I hope to post here as often as possible and share different things, such as exciting life here in Western NY(lol), craft or sewing projects, easy recipes, scenery from WNY and something I'm thankful for.

Today I am thankful for my husband who took me out for lunch to a quaint little bakery nearby and we doubled the cost of our meal buying luscious baked goods to take home to our girls. Also thankful for my friend Becki who helped me set up this blog. ;)

Thank you for looking at my humble little blog. : ) Please come back soon!

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  1. Great start, Mary! The picture of the tree in the yard is beautiful! Good Luck!