January 24, 2010

Ribbon nest

Here is my project for tonight:

Here is one of two bags of ribbon that are included in the craft section of our house (a.k.a. the basement shelf). They are a tangled, un-rolled, un-wrapped mess. My youngest daughter (Baby Girl) and I are going to unravel it all so it can be used more readily. Tonight is the Extreme Makeover Home Edition filmed in Buffalo, NY. So while we are watching, and crying, we will make sense of this goats nest (sorry, that's a private family joke that I don't have room enough to explain), and organize it to the best of our abilities.

Also, Baby Girl made this case for my new cell phone that has a nice big screen on it. I keep throwing it in my purse and I'm afraid it's going to get scratched flopping around in that pit of who-knows-what.

She's a hand sewer. She sneaks into the basement and an hour later she comes back upstairs with a handsewn item for herself, or her sister, or a friend. I have to get her into sewing lessons so she can learn how to use the machine.

Today, obviously thankful to Baby Girl for making me the cell phone cover, but also thankful for the incredibly blessed life we live. After seeing only a half hour of this Extreme Makover Home Edition, so close to home, my girls and I are thanking God for taking such good care of us. : )


  1. Ronny totally needs to make me one of those cell phone cases! I'll pay her! lol It would be perfect to keep the screen from getting all scratched up!

  2. Great job Veronica! Now be sure to clean up that goat's nest, ok?!