January 21, 2010

This picture was not taken today

This was taken last July on our vacation in Cape Cod. I happened to find this picture on a file card that was in a great pocket Olympus camera that I broke in the Cape. Because I broke it, and because Olympus file cards only fit their cameras, we couldn't look at these pictures until my husband had them put on a cd.
In this picture is (from right) Me, my nephew-in-law Brian, friend Greg and my great nephew Alex.
While we were sitting here waiting for sunset (it was low tide, by the way), some people were walking in the surf and the mucky wet sand with their labradoodle. Now, you are really not supposed to have your dog on the beach during the summer. But the dog was loose and running through the water.

Along comes another couple with the same kind of dog. Their dog was on a leash and they stood to my left, (probably what I was looking at). I noticed that the dog out in the surf spotted the dog near me and started running full out for the dog up on the beach. I was thinking, and probably commenting, that the people in the water area will never catch their dog now. Well, when this wet sandy dog gets up to the leashed dog, he completely turns left, without stopping, and runs right over to me and starts SHAKING OFF ALL THE LOW TIDE WATER AND SAND ALL OVER ME!! So I started screaming something like "Ahhhh, no, no, no, no! Ahhhhh!!!!! To which my 13 year old looked the other way and pretended she didn't know me. But of all the places for this dog to stop, sure as eggs, it had to be in front of me.

Today my thankfulness lies with my boss, Kim. For Christmas she gave all of us a gift card to use in our store for a breakfast sandwich and a coffee. This morning I didn't have time for breakfast at home and when I got to work I realized I didn't grab any money. But I had the gift card!! So I was able to eat a nice breakfast and ward off a probable hunger headache. : )

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  1. hahaha! and you had to be wearing a light color like yellow!