June 25, 2011

Girls Day Out

I went out today with my friends Nicole and Tracy. We went to the farmers market and an antique and art festival in a town nearby.

The farmer's market was not too crowded. We got there earrrrrrly.

I love red. Especially when it tastes good.

There were so many beautiful plants...

...and vegetables.

We then moved on to the antique fair.

So many things to buy, so little time and money.

This event was held at a place called the Roycroft Campus. It is a very historical area of Western New York. In the late 1800's/early 1900's, a man named Elbert Hubbard started a guild of craftsmen who were artisans and wanted to live together and work on their crafts together. They started the "Arts and Craft" style of decorative arts. You can read more about the history of the campus here.

Some photos of the original campus buildings.

This particular building is being rebuilt. It was the original power house and generated heat and electricity for all the buildings on the campus. It suffered a fire in 1997 and some weather damage so it needed to be rebuilt. The project is nearly done.

Another part of the campus is the Roycroft Inn.

We usually come here for our anniversary to have dinner. It is so astoundingly beautiful inside, you can barely stand it.

We have never eaten outside. I guess we always go at a busy time of day and they put us inside. I also remember rain one year. 

The gardens are something else.

There also was a craft show, made up mostly of people who are Roycroft artisans.

I absolutely love all the Arts and Craft style furniture and home decor.

The town this campus is located in is one of the most beautiful and unique towns around here. So many residents embrace the Roycroft history and have reflected this in their homes and gardens. If  money were no object, I would buy an old bungalow there and fill it with Roycroft furniture. After spending a day there, I want to take my little Cape Cod home and remodel the whole thing into an Arts and Crafts home. Lol. (I think my husband would move out). I love the oak wood and how these artisans can make new wood look old.

So, in the long run today, I spent $47.50. I got...

Strawberries and cherries.

Shelling peas.

A new perennial called a Centranthus.

A really cool, milky type glass juicer (you know, the fetish).

A footed salt cellar for THAT collection.

A few prisms. I wish I would have gotten more of them but I couldn't because my arms were full of...

...THIS! I have wanted a cute old typewriter for so long. This was calling out my name.

I also spent $3 for a cheeseburger.
So, a day of fun with my friends for $50.50. But the fun with friends part, priceless.

I leave you with some of my crazy firework photos from last night. It was pouring so my dad and I sat in the car while the rest of the family stood out in the park in the rain.

I thought this one looked like a string of Christmas bulbs.

My girl thinks this one looks like a flower.

This looks like flying stick men to me. Lol.

The smoke couldn't rise because the clouds and rain were in the way.
I thought we had a great view from the car. Nothing was blocking our view. Every year we end up sitting behind the same tree and not being able to see. Now I know where to sit. Lol.

Now we are off to a graduation party! Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


  1. Hi Mary..what beautiful photos. I am from WNY as well. We still have family there and in fact will be there in a few weeks. My Mom is in OP, and sis in Amherst. My mom lived in Holland for about 10 years but the snow got the best of her up there.

  2. Love, love, love bungalows and all things arts and crafts! It looks like you had a wonderful day with your friends and got many treasures. Your photos were just beautiful and it was fun traveling along with you this morning. Thanks for sharing your memories with us! Have a happy and safe 4th of July!