January 18, 2011

Open Spaces

Sorry I haven't been here in a while. I've been busy working and have had a few migranes over the last week. Hopefully I am better for now.

Since the Christmas tree is on the curb (not where the girls and I want it to be), there is a new space in the living room that I need to fill.

Here's the other angle.

I'm not sure what to do. Big V says to put the couch on an angle into the window and slide the white chair over more. Maybe I've just got a little too much furniture. I'm sure my husband would say yes. You see, for some reason, I have the need to fill every space with something.

Here is the front corner and two pieces of furniture I need to move or place differently. I don't know if I should leave the couch the way it is and put the hope chest in the window, or put the couch in the window and put the hope chest aginast the wall more. I have wanted the couch in the position it's in for a long time. I just never thought about the other furniture. Maybe I should just leave the window empty for now.
Any suggestions???

I was out at an estate sale with Nic and scored this great jar of keys for $2.

Then, because I couldn't find anything else at the estate sale, I went to an antique co-op out in the country with my brother.

I got this wonderful wire basket.

And a flower frog for make up brushes and eye pencils.

This antique co-op had soooo much in it, I couldn't see it all. We looked around for two hours and I know I didn't see it all. This place has everything. Definately a revisit is in order!! The only problem is it is an hour away. :( But, if there is a nice day when the driving is good, I will try to take a ride and it is a beautiful one. Plenty of good photo ops!

Today I have to say that I am thankful for my health and the health of my family. I have been hearing bad news every day about people I know having cancer. Its scaring me. Then I'm reading blogs from these poor people who's children are so sick. I feel like I live in Fairy Tale Land. Everything is so good. When what's really happening out there in the true world is so sad.

Hug your family tight tonight!!

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  1. hello friend! i know what you mean. life is good. you'll have to tell my about your coop. love the baske so cute! see you soon! suz