January 10, 2011

Comfort Food and a Surprise

Today was freezing here. Less than freezing, as a matter of fact. I am longing to go out and walk, but even on a sunny day, it's just too cold to bear.

That's why I make meals such as this Lobster Mac 'n' Cheese.

This is an Ina Garten recipe that I found here . Man, oh, man, was it gooooood. It made so much that I was scrambling for enough bakers to put it all in. We had lots of leftovers. Definitely a nice dish to take to someone who needs comforting.

I was grudgingly taking my tree apart when, SURPRISE! I found this precious little nest.

I just think this is the sweetest little thing ever! I can't imagine how tiny a bird lived in here.

I really don't want to take my tree down. It is in the best condition of any live tree we have ever had. We have watered it every day since the first Saturday of December. It is still soft, the needles are barely dropping and it still smells wonderful. So, I took everything off except for the lights and the angel.

I put all my decorations away, but, as sure as eggs, I forgot something. I do it every year.

My ornaments on the kitchen window sill. I swear, I walked through the kitchen and looked around to make sure I got everything. I guess you become so accustomed to looking at something that you don't see it anymore. In fact, my Dad was washing his hands at the sink today when I pointed them out and he said he never even noticed them at all! Lol. I guess I will put them somewhere else next year. Lol.

Today I am thankful that Baby Girl is healthy since she passed out on the altar while serving mass yesterday morning. I didn't even see her go down. I felt so bad. But we took her to the doctor today and he said she is fine. Thank God. I was a little worried. :{ But today she is feeling much better so, back to school tomorrow.

See you soon!

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