January 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday

This was a VERY lazy Sunday. I have had a bit of a cold for the last few days and I took a half dose of Nyquil last night. That stuff knocks me out and I slept til 11:40!!! I hope I'm good tonight because if I take it again, I will not be getting up with kids for school.

Today it was zero degrees here. I did not go out at all. The furthest I went was out into the garage to put recycling in the bins and sweep my back hall.

Yesterday I made some chicken soup. On Friday I roasted a chicken and truth be told I have never made chicken soup before. I called my sister to ask if you make the soup from the chicken carcass. She told me no, but you can use the lefover chicken to put in it.

So then she told me how her granddaughter makes it with boullion, noodles and frozen vegetables. So there I was, on Saturday afternoon, taking cooking advice from my 15 yr old great-niece. I used chicken broth and cooked up some carrots and celery in water. I threw the noodles in the broth while it was heating and then added the veg with some of the water they cooked in. Then I threw in the chicken and voila! Chicken soup. It was quite tasty for the first effort.

Last night my boss had the whole pharmacy over for our holiday party.

We had a lot of snacks, then dinner, then desserts. I was stuffed. Good thing I'm on that diet...

The kids played games...

...and so did the adults.

It was nice to get out of the pharmacy and have a good time with everyone for a change. It's very stressful there and sometimes we forget how well we like each other.

In light of some of my friends and acquaintances being struck with cancer, I have decided that it is time to reconnect with old friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I mainly have two days off during the week and I feel I should be devoting a day to having lunch with each of these people. I have several in mind. I recently had lunch with my friend who lost her 14 yr old daughter to a heart attack about a year and half ago. I need to keep connecting with her as life is not very easy and maybe I can lighten her load. At least to give her an ear to listen.
I know by spending a day week away I will not get much done around here, but am I really anyway? And I've been thinking about stress. I'm always stressed about things and I wonder, if I was inflicted with some grave illness, wouldn't everything just stop for me anyway? How much does all this matter? Any thoughts?

Oh, today I will be thankful for the cold since at least it is killing all the bugs that we have here in the summer so they can't keep growing bigger and bigger and bigger and take over the world.

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