March 7, 2010

Fast February

February went so fast and I feel bad that I have not blogged very much. We had a lot of events that transpired. One was my birthday. I turned an age that includes a "4" and a "2". Not necessarily in that order, of course.
My husband set the table and made me breakfast.
After we went to dinner at one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook your dinner with flair on a huge flat iron grill at your table, we stopped at our favorite little bakery/cafe and picked up some goodies for dessert.

After my birthday, came my first baby's birthday.

14? Sheesh!
(We didn't have a #4 candle).

I swear I was just holding her in my arms the other day...

feeding her with a rubber dipped spoon...

Now she has one of her favorite cousins feed her.

Another big development from February was a package my father received from a friend of ours, Susan. Her mum was a great friend of my Auntie Margaret, and when my aunt passed away she helped take care of my aunt's affairs since they were in London and we were so far away.
Well, now both of Susan's parents have passed away and as she was cleaning out their home, she came across some of our family things her mum had saved for us.

One thing was my great grandparents marriage certificate.
It is in remarkable condition for something so old. Poor Gran, to be called a spinster! The horrors!

We also received the receipt for the wedding ring my Grandfather bought my Nana, which is now my wedding ring.

My ring is almost 100 years old! It seems to have been bought at a bargain price, by today's standards anyway.

Today I have to be thankful for a healthy, strong, beautiful 14 year old baby. And that Susan thought enough of us to send our family items. Also thankful to her mum, May, who kept our things packed safely away until they could be reunited with our family.

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