March 16, 2010

The Wearin' O' The Green

This past Sunday was the St Patrick's Day parade here in Buffalo. Last year the weather was 57 degrees and sunny. This, never happens. So, we knew we would pay for it this year.

My oldest daughter is an Irish dancer. She has been dancing since she was 7. My younger daughter was a dancer as well, but gave it up just recently. Since we are involved in Irish dancing, we are required to be in the parade. Rain, snow, tsunami, whatever.

The day was quite cloudy, rainy and about 40 degrees. But, we made the best of it, as did about half of Buffalo, who turned out to watch. I'm always amazed at the amount of people who show up, no matter what the weather is like.  

Afterwards, we always stop at a lovely little bistro in downtown that is owned by one of the dance families. They close down for the day so our dance school can come in and warm up with hot chocolate and cookies shaped like Irish dance dresses.

I'm just glad it's over. : )

Well, I have to say that I've been very jealous of all the bloggers out there who have spring bursting out in their areas. We still had a lot of snow until this past weekend. Once the rain stopped this week, I went out to look in the gardens to see if anything was showing its face.

I found daylilies (and weeds) popping up, which is always amazing to me because they don't bloom until July.

A primrose.


And the best of all...the beginnings of my peonies!!! Last year I had to move them and they did not produce any flowers. I love them to death. I used the flowers from these plants to decorate my parents 50th wedding anniversary. It was beautiful and smelled heavenly. I wish I could bottle the fragrance and keep it all year. I do hope that I will get loads of flowers this year. The plants are now in a sunnier location in my yard so I hope...

I am thankful that I have healthy kids who can Irish dance, thankful for the beginnings of spring and thankful that the parade is now in the past. Lol!

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