January 26, 2012

Quick and Easy Project

January is boring to me.

I don't ski or ice skate. Besides, this winter has not really afforded the weather to do those things anyway. At least when there is snow, the landscape is white and pretty and you can get some nice pictures if you go out for a walk. But now, everything is grey, it's like the longest spring ever. Not that I'm complaining, I'm just bored.

So, I have nothing to do but go out and shop and go to estate sales.

In my travels last Friday, I spotted some small platters but they were very beat up so I passed them up. Friday night I was looking through an old Pottery Barn catalog and spotted some platters that were painted like chalk boards. So, Saturday, I went back and bought the platters and began this project.

I bought four of them, but I only painted three.

I taped off the whole area, then cut away everything that didn't look like a chalkboard. :)

I put an enamel undercoater on them to help the paint adhere to the china.

Then I put on three coats of chalkboard paint.

The end result!

I think they came out cute, but I think if they were bigger they would be better. Only problem is, if I find a big platter like these, I probably will want to use it for it's intended purpose. Hopefully I will get these into my etsy shop, but I'm having some confidence/knowledge issues with the shop right now. Hopefully I will overcome the problems soon.

Hope you have a nice day.
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  1. what a great idea!! what confidence? got the ideas, got the goods,have the shop,start it up and walah!!!!. nice job

    1. Thank you Flobie! Thanks for following my blog, through thick and thin!

  2. That was a great idea! Good luck with your Etsy shop.

  3. I'm not a fan of January either and going to estate sales sounds heavenly to me. Last week I found blue canning jars exactly like in your top picture and I was as giddy as could be. Do you just have a strand of Christmas lights in them? I like that idea. Your plates turned out so pretty! You should definitely put them in your etsy shop.

    I know this is the longest comment ever, but I wanted to also say thanks for linking up to the Mingle With Us Blog Hop and following my blog. I'm following you back. :)

    1. Rachel, I have battery operated light sets I put in my blue jars. I would hate to try and drill a hole in them so I use these instead. Thanks for stopping by, and, I love long comments!!

  4. Doesn't chalkpaint just make a person happy! Great job on these...they look super cool!

  5. these platters are really cute. anything painted with chalkboard paint makes me happy.

  6. Cute and simple! Thanks for sharing how you taped the whole thing and then cut it out. I had quite the battle trying to tape off a stainless tray I put chalkboard paint on. Now I have a better way for the next time!

  7. Winter is way too long for me too ! What a great project . I've been a little obsessed with chalkboard paint latley. If you have time check out my chalkboard project http://makinghome-dawn.blogspot.com/2012/01/chalkboard-crazy.html . I found you via Debbie Doo's.

    Dawn @ Making Home