January 11, 2012

Knitting Project No. 2

As promised, here is Knitting Project No. 2.

I made this sweater for my great-nephew, Maddox.  He was due right around now, but he came along six weeks early on December 3. Of course, I was sick for most of December so I couldn't go see him. I also couldn't finish the sweater and being the procrastinator I am and thinking I had six more weeks to work on it I didn't have it done before he arrived. Now it is nearly completed. I just need to sew on some snaps and I maybe some buttons to make it look good on the front. The pattern calls for ties, but I'm a freak about ties on baby clothes. Better safe than sorry. If my niece will allow, I will post a photo of the sweater with the baby in it. ;)

I am especially proud of this because I never made a sweater before, and I rarely finish a project at all. Also, I thought my mother would be proud that I actually, finally, got the hang of it after years of sitting next to her on the couch trying to knit. Eventually I would hand my project over to her to fix it or go back three rows to pick up 5 dropped stitches, finish an area of it or loosen my stitches that were so tight you couldn't even get the needle into them. But I never finished anything. In fact, I was up in a bedroom closet at my dad's house looking through all the yarn and I found a project I started at least 20 years ago. So funny. I also thought that if my mom were here she would be the one making a sweater for the baby, but since she's not, I will.

Here is a sweater my mom made for one of my brother's twins. By the time I started having babies, my mom couldn't really knit any more. Thank God my sister-in-law thought enough to send me one since she knew I wouldn't have a sweater knit by my mom. I really love it, and hopefully one day, my girls can put it on their babies. But not for like, 15 or 20 years.

Since this post was supposed to be yesterdays, I will tell you what I did yesterday.
I made bread.

Last week I found a recipe online that was super easy, but it didn't really tell you how much water to use. It said to follow the yeast package, but that only called for 1/4 cup. Once I started mixing in all the other ingredients, it was dry. I baked it anyway and it came out fine but I was still concerned about it. So I went on the yeast website itself and found this recipe that called for 1 1/2 cups of water. It wound up making two loaves.

I usually use my breadmaker to mix the dough and then I knead it, let it rise, shape it and bake it  myself, but I have been wanting to do the whole process myself so I looked online for a recipe. I wish my grandma was around to ask if she ever made bread.
I made stuffed shells and this definitely went well with it.
Big V was very hungry after basketball practice. lol She almost couldn't wait.
Today we are using the second loaf for panini sandwiches and I am making French Onion soup as well. After I make it, I will post the recipe and a picture.
Enjoy your day!

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  1. The little green sweater you knitted is so cute. So is the one your mother knitted. It was nice of your sister-in-law to give it to you.