February 2, 2011

Meet Gary

Meet Gary.

This is our Kitchen Aid mixer, Gary. When Gary first joined our family, he was so shiny and smooth that we decided he was too pretty to not have a name. So, we named him Gary.

Today the kids were off of school for the big storm that sort of fizzled out when it got here. The school supers got scared and closed schools last night before it even started snowing or sleeting. So the kids got a free day and I stayed home too.

You see, even though most people have lived here all their lives, when they hear the word "snow" or "storm" they freak out and run to the store and, the pharmacy. Last time we had a "non-storm" (a predicted storm that turned out to be nothing), the pharm was packed the day before and when I went to work the next day, no one came in. Thus, I was sent home after working 45 min. This time, I called before I went in to see if that might happen again. One of the pharmacists, Sherry, said to just stay home and she would call me if it got busy.

So, we got Gary out and started baking.

Big V helped me make a lovely banana bread. I always use the recipe in my Mom's old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

Don't let the name fool you, it's OLD.
But, it has some great recipes in it and many basics.

We put all the ingredients into Gary's bowl...

And beat it till it couldn't talk no more...

Poured it into Grandma's glass loaf pan...

Put it in the oven and...

...delicious banana bread.

Hope you had a nice Wednesday!

Thankful for a nice snow day to make this great banana bread with V. We have fun together cuz I'm a little insane and I make us both laugh. She has picked up on my sense of humor and she makes us both laugh too.

Enjoy the weather, wherever you may be.


  1. how funny! you won't believe i just looked up the very same recipe in my BH&G cookbook! i still have it bookmarked to make! love Gary by the way :) suz

  2. How funny that you named your mixer... Mine isn't as pretty as yours... and his name would have to be LONELY since he never gets used!!
    Thanks for visiting me!