February 8, 2011

Empty Shelves

Since Christmas decorations were taken down, I have yet to put anything up on my dining room hutch.

I will give you a little history of the piece.

My father built this cabinet the year I was born. So, it's not very old. Twenty something. I'm just saying, that this piece of furniture was born the same year as me. It started out as a stereo cabinet. The two doors in the middle on the bottom housed the stereo and record albums, (lol, still, not that old, vinyl is making a comeback) and the end compartments were actually speakers. Well, due to my dad putting in a fireplace at their house, this cabinet no longer fit in the living room. I somehow was lucky enough to get it. My dad took the speakers out and put drawers in their place. Then he put a wood panel where the speaker fabric had been and made those into doors. Does that make sense?

Over the years the arrangements on it have varied. I'm sure when I first got married it had brass stuff and cut glass Mikasa bowls on it. Candles, dried floral and things like that. Then I moved into a period of displaying different teapots from my collection. After the teapots, I was in a vintage glass phase. Cake plates and compotes. Pitchers and creamers and sugar bowls.

Lately I have, due to an influence from Pottery Barn, been using it for the original "hutch" purpose of a utilitarian piece, to hold everything needed at meals so I wouldn't have to keep getting up and going into the kitchen to get things I forgot.

Well, when holidays roll around, I need the space for decorating so, everything is put away. But I'm tired of the empty shelves, so my project for this week is to stock it once again with all the mealtime necessities. I'm tired of getting up from the table to go get something I forgot. Of course, I sit the closest to the kitchen. Not that I don't need the exercise, I just would like to eat a hot meal once in a while.

Check back to see how it comes out!!!

I am planning on doing a post every week with a piece of furniture my dad has made us. He is amazing and I need to share.

Thanks for dropping in!!


  1. i know it'll be beautiful! look forward to seeing it finished! your Dad is pretty amazing! suz

  2. This is lovely, your father is a talent man! Look forward to seeing other amazing pieces!