February 19, 2011

A Great Birthday

I had a wonderful birthday today.

It started out with me shopping all by myself at a local antique mall. I got the pitcher I mentioned a few days ago. It's a Johnson Brothers Ironstone. I'm so thrilled with it, it's in fantastic condition. AND...I got it for 20% off!!

Then I found a couple more...

The scallop-y one has no markings on the bottom but the small one on the left is Buffalo China. I'm guessing it's a creamer. It's about 4 1/2 inches at the top of the spout so it may be large for the creamer. Anyway, I can't wait for my garden to be in bloom so I can put fresh cut flowers in them all.

I also bought a flower frog for Big V's makeup brushes. Little V got the last one I bought.

Speaking of flowers...

Here's how the Valentines flowers opened up. I love them.

Then I got some new flowers today...

Isn't my husband the best? If there could be such a thing as vintage roses, this is what they would look like. Faded, with a hint of green and a hint of beige. Just gorgeous.

Since my husband couldn't get the night off from work, Nicole decided she should be the best friend ever and take care of me on my birthday. We went to church and then Nic got a pizza and some cupcakes and we celebrated.

The flowers are RINGS! Isn't that cute? We all got one. It was a girls night in, my girls and I, Nic, her daughter and her friend.

They sang wonderfully and I was able to blow out all 6 candles.
Please, no comments on how the girls are taller than me. It's a touchy subject.

Then the girls went and goofed around and Nic and I made jewels for the upcoming theme-tray auction at school. Here's what I made.

I like them so much, very springy. I think I"m going to make another pair and put them in my...


I haven't mentioned that I fulfilled one of my January 1 resolutions. I finally got it set up, with the help of my friend Susan. I'm really not as good as I should be on the computer, so she offered to help me.  Anyhoo, the name of the shop is Gabrielles Daughter and you can find it here.

All in all, it was such a great birthday, and tomorrow I get to sleep in and go to my favorite restaurant in Buffalo, Panos, for dinner.

Today I am thankful for the wonderful people in my life and the love they all give me. Also for my Mom who put up with getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom when she was pregnant with me and I was sitting on her bladder. You never appreciate someone until you find yourself in their shoes someday. Love you Momma, thanks for my life. : )

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  1. hi Mar! happy birthday! glad you had a nice night! your pitchers are beautiful an instant collection! your flowers are lovely too! so sweet! xo suz