August 3, 2010

It's here! (from July)

It's finally here!
My sweet and talented Daddy made me a new bench for my kitchen!

About five years or so ago, I grew sick of my ugly kitchen table and so I put it out in the screen porch, never to return. It was banished. In it's place I put a nice wicker and wrought iron setee I had out in the porch. It had a matching coffee table. I put pillows on it that had covers I changed with the seasons. So, now I've grown sick of having a setee in the kitchen and I want a table again. BUT, my Dad likes sitting on something comfy in the kitchen. So I figured a good compromise would be a bench like this with a cushion and lots of pillows to sit on at the table.

My Dad brought this over in time for the family picnic (I have it at my house every 4th of July). But, I was not able to make anything comfy to put on it before the big party. You see, I had given the original setee to my niece, Wendy and we then moved our all-weather wicker into the kitchen (due to the continued banishment of the ugly table). Well, on Father's Day, my husband moved it back outside so there was a big gaping emptiness in the kitchen. It looked like we couldn't afford funiture for the  room. So, my Dad to the rescue! I'm just like him. Things need to be a certain way.

The party preparations got underway.

The decorations hung in the kitchen with care.

The pool towels rolled up and placed over there.

The guests all arrived, dropped their stuff everywhere.

We ended the night with a dazzling affair.

Thank God for Freedom!
And Dads!

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