August 6, 2010

Cape Cod, Part 1

So, as soon as the 4th was over, I worked two days and then we headed off to Cape Cod. Our neighbors own a cottage that is a duplex. We try to get there every year or every other year when possible. When we go, we rent one side and someone from our family or some friends stay in the other half. This year my sister stayed on the other side and brought two of her granddaughters.

Here is the cottage.

The roses out front.

The dirt road that the cottage is on.

-This is very charming when we first get there. But by the end of the trip, it starts to get on everyone's nerves. The road can get washed out very easily by a good rain. Making for very rough terrain while you are driving. But, no one ever forgets "the road".

This year, my husband and the girls decided that we should go parasailing. I, of course, chickened out. Something was telling me not to. Probably it was my mother. I, on the other hand, was not so good of a mother. I let my two babies do this.
Yes, those are my girls, about 300 feet in the air. I should have gone with them. This is what happened next.

Ok, these are not real scissors. I don't know if the guy thought the girls would see them from up there, but it definately made a funny picture.

In the Cape, each town has their own beaches. If you want to go to them, you must pay. $$ We stay in Eastham so we get their town pass. This covers beaches on the bay side of the cape and some of the fresh water pond beaches. This year we also got a pass for the Cape Cod National Seashore beaches. The beach in this pic is called Marconi.

This was at low tide. On the right in the picture is a tide-dug pond of sorts. The kids were playing in it. It was warmer and calmer than the ocean.

Father and daughter riding the waves.

Here is Marconi beach on a different day.
This time, the tide was very high and rough. The lifeguards would not let anyone swim. I guess there had been some dangerous rip currents for a few days. It was about 88 degrees that day and everyone was just laying there like a bunch of dead fish. People were allowed to surf. But that was it. The girls went and stood at the edge of the water hoping to cool off.

In the end, we had to go to a bay side beach to get into the water and lower our body temperatures. Our fav is Campground Beach. We go there a lot for sunset. I know, I know. Massachusetts is on the East Coast. How can there be sunsets? Well, the bay is large enough that you cannot see the main land of MA. Therefore, there is a western horizon over the water. It probably is one of the few places where you can see a sunrise and a sunset over the water. I have never gotten up to see the sunrise, but, if the cloud cover permits, we go "down for sunset" every day. Another beach we discovered is Thumpertown. This sunset picture was taken there.

Coast Guard Beach is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. This particular evening was very foggy there.

The Coast Guard station.

The girls' matching airbrushed tatoos.

There were loads of surfers in the water that night. I never watched anyone surf before. It was really cool.

We are all thankful for beautiful beaches and sunsets. They both have made lasting memories for myself and my family. Also for our wonderful neighbors who have this place for us to go, and for them not charging a huge price for people to stay there. :)

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