November 3, 2012

Fall Is Flying

I know I have been away for quite some time. The start of school was quite busy. The kids have MANY activities. Big V got her license. Little V is a cheerleader so we have been going to all the games, rain or shine.

The cheerleaders are in charge of homecoming, so in other words, the parents were in charge of homecoming. ;) That was a lot of work, but the decorations came out really nice.
Little V went to the homecoming dance.
I finally started taking medication for my fibromyalgia which is knocking me on my rear. Very, very tired. But still, fall has been beautiful in my corner of the universe, with this beautiful park right across the street.
The oak trees are beautiful. Their leaves have so many variations.
I hope and pray that all the people on the east coast who were affected by the hurricane will find the help and shelter they need and that they will soon be back in their homes or in a new home. I wish everyone could have a nice, peaceful fall like we had here. We were so blessed with milder weather when the storm blew through our area. Please keep all these folks in your prayers too.
 Have a great night!


  1. Cute couple going to the Homecoming dance! You got some really good photos of the fall color.
    May I ask what you are taking for your fibromyalgia?

    1. Barb, it's actually Cymbalta. I was not happy about taking it (since I worked in the pharmacy and read all the med guides for these medications), but I have to say, the only change I have noticed in me is no pain. Oh, and the sleepiness. I have not been able to wear high heels in about two years without having trouble walking for days afterwards, but now I can. I am pleasantly surprised. How are you doing???

  2. Hey your back. Big V driving and Little V going to high school dances thanks girls you make Gram proud and, tell Mom&Dad to hang on the ride is just starting.{I remember those days] Pictures were great. Talk soon !!!!!

  3. Hey Mary! I'm a little behind on my reading but catching up now! Gorgeous pictures! Did you make that homecoming dress??? It's gorgeous! And so is that girl!