November 14, 2012

Annoying Chair Refinishing Part Three

Okay, I know I wanted these chairs to be finished by Easter, that was a joke. I will, however, have them by Christmas, probably Thanksgiving. I have been going out to my dad's house once a week to work on them.
Remember how they looked after they were stripped?
Now they have a coat of stain. Oh, and my dad filled all the holes where the caning was.
They also got two coats of poly.
They are starting to be less annoying, and I'm really looking forward to having them in my kitchen.
 So the next step is seats. I think I'm just going to cover them in muslin and make changeable covers for the seat. Then I can be "seasonal" with them, which I love. :)
My dad is making a mission style chair.
Here is one side, the other is laying behind. He glued two pieces of wood together for the angled part and then had to sand the daylights out of it so it is smooth. He has soooo much patience, I hate sanding, and he does most of it by hand. This wood is literally as smooth as glass. Dad always says he'd be a great bank robber because he doesn't have any fingerprints. He sanded them right off!
I'll keep you posted on this project of his as well.
Enjoy your day! :)


  1. Oh Mary, those chairs are going to be wonderful! Sure a far cry from where they started! You and your dad are both talented! Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you! You are so talented too Danni! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. :)