August 8, 2012

Thrifty Gals

At the end of this past school year, my friend Susan and I did a lot of thrift store hopping.
One week we went from Salvation Army to a church owned thrift store, to Amvets, to Goodwill.

Here are some of the things I scored that day.

We  started out at Salvation Army.
First off, I have been looking for brown transfer ware plates since March. I almost dropped over at the sight of these!

17 pieces for $9.99! They say "Mason's Patent Ironstone, England" on them.

I also got these four sandwich trays.

Supposedly, these were for a sandwich, a drink and a ciggy. There is a formation in the front right corner that looks like its a cig rest. But I refuse to believe that my parents and their peers would have their food and a smoke on the same tray, so I'm using the spot for a spoon. Like so.

I think it looks quite lovely like this.

At the next shop I got this silverplate bowl...

...and this really beautiful pink chenille bedspread.

After that we headed over to Amvets where we came across a box of old canning jars that we split.

This one is a wide mouth jar. I never saw one like this before. It says "wholefruit" on it, so I suppose that was it's purpose.
I put it in my bathroom and filled it with soaps my husband brought back from France for me.

I love small stoneware bowls. :) So many uses.


And I found a couple of creamers.

I really got some good deals that day.
I'll do another post with some items I picked up the following week!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You really found some nice things, Mary. I love the brown transfer ware and the silver bowl.

  2. What a great stash to come home with!! I'm loving those jars!!

  3. Oh I adore those brown transferware dishes! What a beautiful pattern! You found a lot of fun things!