August 22, 2012

A Birthday Gift

My sister-in-law, Jennifer, and my mother-in-law recently went to Cape Cod.

Last year when I was there, I picked up several small stones on the beach to make some
wire-wrapped jewelry. I thought I would make a piece for Jennifer for her birthday.

Here is how it came out. I love this stone. Such pretty colors in it.

I really like doing this kind of work, but I'm afraid I can't do much more of it right now. The reason is that I CAN'T SEE! I have gotten so old now that my eyes cannot focus on things I need to see up close and I cannot work on it when I hold it out far enough to see it because I need it close! Ya know what I'm saying??? I'm in a bad way. I guess I need bifocals.



  1. What a lovely gift! I love the stone too and the copper wire! I wish you would do a tutorial on how you did this. As for the eye thing...join the club...I got tri-focals!!!

    1. Danni, I would do a tutorial if I could see to make another one! As soon as I get new glasses I will. :)

  2. Sweet gift, and it is pretty. Would like a tutorial also - when you're up to the task ;) and yes, I KNOW Z'actly what you're saying. I'm over due for some new "specticals" myself.