August 20, 2012


I love thrifting, or junkin', as my old friend Amy and I used to call it. We used to go out all the time. We even went to Minnesota to stay with her sister and go junkin' there! Back then we used to look for vintage glass. We both had a fettish for compotes and cake stands.

My next trip out with Susan netted me some good finds like the first time.

I got these sweet Buffalo China bowls. I would like to sell them on Etsy but I'm finding myself wanting to use them.

I also picked up..

...a transistor radio.

Or is it?

It's not!

It's a flask in disguise!

Isn't this cool? I never saw anything like it. It even has a fake knob to adjust the radio station and holes punched into the case so the "sound" can come through from the speaker.

The flask doesn't even look like it was used.

The case says "SWANK" on the bottom.

I haven't gone out junkin" in a while now. But now that I've looked at these photos again, I really want to go!

What cool finds have you thrifted lately??

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  1. fun finds! Awesome flask! I probably wouldn't even have looked in it!!

  2. Love those bowls, {that's how Fiesta started you are hooked] pictures are great !1