June 6, 2012

Rainy Day Antiquing

A few weeks back, Nicole wanted to take a ride out to our local antique center.

It was a Sunday morning and she conned the husbands into taking us to breakfast first and then she somehow got them to go along with us.
Now, my husband hates antiques. I think his mom made them go with her when she went out antiquing and garage sale-ing when he and his sisters and brothers were kids. So for him to go with us was something because he does not see how cool all this vintage stuff is. He sees junk.

I picked up this cute little creamer and sugar.
I love the crazing on it.

I also found a milk bottle from the dairy that was in the town I grew up in. We used to have milk delivered to the house every week in these bottles. They had a paper cap on them. The milkman would leave the milk, and whatever else you ordered, in a milk box outside the back door. 

This bottle brings back so many memories. Like when you heard the milk truck come around the corner and you realized the dog was outside so you ran to grab her because she would chase the milkman and nip at his heels. 

Or the time the engine compartment of my brother Tom's car caught on fire on the driveway. He filled the milk box with water from the hose to put the fire out while my brother Bob filled a cooler with water and ran behind him.

My dad is like my husband and only sees junk. He threw the milk box away after the dairy stopped delivering and ultimately closed. I wish he wouldn't have done that. I could see it filled with red geraniums outside my door. Also, he made a chalkboard for us to keep score by the pool table and he threw that out as well.  A chalkboard! :(

Back to the antique center story. Nic's husband Bob is the funniest person ever. He can find a story in everything. He can make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts.
While we were walking through and looking in the cases at the antiques, he found a chair meant for the workers to sit on. Once he was seated, he started calling out "Folks, everything is 50% off today." People were looking around and looking at him, I laughed so hard I cried. He says things so seriously that people believe him. Then we got the heck out of there before we got in trouble.

Have you laughed today?


  1. Oh how fun was that?!! You reminded me of our milk box. Wish I had it today too! I used to get up early and sometimes when the milk man came I would sneak a sip of the cream off of the top of the bottles and then try to put the paper cap back on! We used that box for everything from 3rd base to doll beds! Thanks for the fun post and the memories!

  2. The house was furnished with flee market and garage sale things, Your hubby likes new{as we all know] I dragged little brother Jimmy with me he was the only one home from school at the, Many,many years ago!! Sister Jenny is the only one who likes the same things we do.One out of 5 not bad. Great finds and breakfast too what a deal.You Dad and Grandma S were two of a kind,think it's because It reminded them of hard times,these things back memories for me,means I'm getting old. Keep hunting !!!!!