June 12, 2012

Quick And Easy Birdbath

A long time ago, my mother-in-law gave me this great idea of making a birdbath.

All you need is a ceramic saucer that goes under a flower pot, two 72" leather shoe laces, and a garden hook.
I put gravel from an old fish tank in the bottom of it because the birds need to have something non-slippery to stand on. The gravel is blue because that is what I had in the basement. :)

First tie the ends of the shoe laces in a one big knot.

Then lay the laces out so they are criss-crossed.
 Place the saucer right over the spot where the laces are crossed.

Hang it by the knot over the garden hook.

Fill it with water.

And, according to the creative and talented Danni,  put old pennies in the water to keep algae from growing.

Danni is my Sister Blogger and her blog is great. She has a new craft nearly every day. If you get a chance, check her out at Silo Hill Farm.

In the past I have put the birdbath on the rock here between the chairs, but I don't think the birds like it too much since there have been cats roaming through my yard. So, hopefully they will like where it is now and have a great time bathing and drinking the water this summer.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Mary this is a great project! You should share it on some parties! I'm going to give it a try myself. I don't have any leather shoestrings, but do you think it would work with nylon cord ones? You are so sweet to mention my penny tip and my blog! Thank you!

  2. nice job forgot about this glad you remembered. HOW DO THE BIRDS LIKE IT ?Like the pennies idea. LOVE THE CHAIRS..How's the quilt coming?

  3. Great idea! Hopped on over from Make the Scene.

  4. Cute, I love everything you used. I'm a new follower I would love if you followed back at www.iheartpears.blogspot.com