June 4, 2012

Growing Up

We recently celebrated Little V's birthday.

 It was her 14th one.

She also had her 8th grade Hope Ribbon ceremony at school.

This is to symbolize the children's hopes for the future.
They ask a favorite person to pin the ribbon on their shoulder.

She had Big V pin her.
They wear the ribbon every day until graduation.

There was a nice luncheon afterwards which is put on by the 7th grade parents and students.

Just a little more time and it will be off to high school.

Big V made softball this year. At one point they had a streak of 6 games in 6 days.

(Looks like this hit might go foul.)
It was a great season. We heard it was the best JV team they've had at school in a while.

Please keep in your prayers the family of a boy, also 14, who was struck and killed on his bicycle by a drunk driver near our home. It has shaken this community, as nothing like that ever happens here, especially to a child. I am cherishing all the moments I have with my chicklets, as you never know when God will call someone home.



  1. How terribly sad to have a young life taken in such a selfish and preventable manner, prayers go out to your community.

    But what a wonderful celebration for your V's, although 6 games in 6 days seems crazy!

  2. THESE Grandkids are growing to fast,the pinning was very nice great to see Big V pinning Little V.[ they will always be called Big & Little V just like Big Steve & Little Steve,] Nice job baseball team!! Lets hope that Bryces' death is not in vain,time will tell. Flowers are awesome,will have some Iris for girls.

  3. Oh Mary! This was a beautiful post. I've never heard of a ribbon ceremony before, but it's a lovely thing to do! I always love your pictures...but the one of the girls running in the yard in their dresses may be my all time favorite! (So far!!! ;) Im so sorry about the young man who was killed. How very sad.