May 23, 2012

Quilt Progress

I've been really busy lately, which I will fill you in on later, but for now I will just say that I am working away on the baby quilt.

The weather in Buffalo is starting to get warmer and warmer. This happens every spring here. We have cold and rainy weather in which you don't want to go outside and work in your garden, and then we go straight to 85 and humid weather in which you don't want to go outside and work in your garden. Then it's so dry that your soil turns into concrete.

I know this hot weather is just around the corner and when it comes I don't want to be sewing and having a hot machine in my dining room and I also will not want a quilt touching my body. Also, the baby shower for Ron's niece is on June 30th so I need to hustle here.

So far, I have finished 6 squares out of 9.

 The 7th is nearly done and then there will be two left. I'm guessing I need to pink the seams so they don't fray. It's too late to zig-zag them since I sewed some of them down when I attched the pieces together. Then I will press them and call my sister to ask her what's next. Lol!

Even though it was really too hot to work out in the yard last weekend, I did anyhow since I'm sick of the gardens looking like this...

...and this.

You can barely tell where the plants end and the weeds begin. OR, where the garden ends and the grass begins, for that matter.

So I took out my garden tools and started working the dirt (I can't call it soil), pulled as many weeds as I could and moved the rocks to get weeds and grass out from under and around them.

I got half done. Now I need to dig up all those daylillies and divide them. But, alas, I cannot do that this week because as I was walking around the garden giving it a good look-over, I tripped on a garden tool and fell on my arm. My right one, of course, since I'm right handed. I think I tore a muscle or something because now it hurts like hell. Yesterday I swatted at a fly with it and I saw stars. I don't know what to do about it, so I'm taking it easy.

The good news is, I have a few iris that bloomed out of the weeds.

And, due to that crazy warm weather we had in March, my peonies are HUGE.

I have never seen them this big before, nor have I seen them ready to bloom so early. They usually aren't ready until mid-late June. I can't wait til they open, it's my most favorite fragrance in the world.

Have a great day!!


  1. I love quilts! I just don't have the patience to make them. Yours is looking great!

  2. Quilt is looking awesome. LOVE GARDENING but it's a body killer Aleve and a rocking chair best treatment. All our gardens are crazy this year,I went to large pots hope it works. Have a great day and weekend, be safe!!!! [HEADING TO THE lAKE]

    1. My friend Mark told me to ice my shoulder and drink beer. That should do the trick. Have fun at the lake. Catch some fish for me.

  3. Mary your quilt is really looking beautiful! So is your garden! So sorry you hurt yourself. Aleve is my go-to for pain as well. (OK and maybe some wine!) Get better soon!

    1. Yes, I think wine will be in order this weekend. Supposed to be too hot to work outside anyway. Thanks for the suggestion Danni!

  4. Hey Mary,

    I'm loving all the colors you picked out for the'll be a pro before you know it!!

    I love your bloomed flowers....I wish I had peonies in the garden. They're my 2nd favorite flower.

    Hope you heal up quickly.

    Have a fabulous weekend. (",)