May 3, 2012

Annoying Chair Refinishing Part Three

I just wanted to update you on the chair project.

My dad decided the chair dilemma and the chairs went off to the refinisher for $35 each.

He said he would pay for it, but I will slip some money to him somehow. He said that after we let them dry last time, they couldn't even be sanded smooth. They were not even paintable. I should have just painted them in the first place.

So now, I have to pick a stain color and get to it.

I also have to pick a fabric for the seats. I think I will pick something neutral and light in color and then make a bunch of slip covers to go over them. I am a seasonal decorator so I will definitely want to change the look for seasons and holidays.

More on this later when I get stain and get to my dad's to get these chairs done. I'm so excited!

1 comment:

  1. Oh those came back great! I can't wait to see what color you stain them and what kind of slip covers you make for the summer season! Your dad seems so sweet!