April 14, 2011

A Hopeful Project

I rescued this frame from my dad's basement and from certain trash pick up on a Wednesday morning. :)

It's pretty large, so I think it might make a nice chalkboard. My dad got me a piece of plywood so I can paint it with chalkboard paint. My hope for this project is that I will get it done. I never seem to get anything done around here. I either don't have the time, or when I do have time, I either have a migraine, don't feel good, or I'm in a funk and I can't get up the ambition to do anything other than make dinner.

I think that is my problem lately, a funk. That's what I call it when I don't feel like doing a thing. I used to get them so severely that I wouldn't even clean the house. I haven't been that bad in years, but I think it's a funk none the less.
I obviously haven't been on here at all. I'm not working on any projects. I'm just blah.
Not good, not bad, just-  just.

I was looking at some things coming up in my garden. It makes me excited that spring is finally here. We had one really warm day last weekend and that was all it took to bring things up out of the ground.

A lupine. I planted this last year, so I'm happy to see it come back up. I don't always have the best luck with perennials.

Coral bells.

Stirrings from my hydrangea.

All these plants have seemed to escape the wrath of those cute little deer I posted about last month. But, the tulips have not fared so well.

Now, my neighbor across the way gave me these bulbs last year. She has hundreds and hundreds of tulips and daffodils. Once she is blooming over there, I will post a pic of her garden. It's really quite something. Anyhoo, she gave me the bulbs and made me promise to plant them. Once I did, the squirrels dug up and ate about half. The ones that were left have now been eaten by the deer. This sweet neighbor of mine never has any of her tulips eaten. My neighbor next door has a bed of tulips. No one eats them. I have about twelve tulips left, and they are all eaten right the way down. Can anyone tell me why? Please? Mr Murphy, is it one of your laws?

I just want to mention that a friend of mine passed away last week. Her daughter was in my oldest girl's class from K thru 8th grade. I think it's so terrible for a 14 year old girl to lose her mother. I'm still recovering and I was 40 when my mom died.

My friend had cancer and suffered a lot. The funeral was quite sad, but also it was special because she had planned most of it and wrote a letter to everyone that was read aloud.
She had a very strong faith and the letter was so hopeful for all us to have the same kind of relationship with God as she had. We had all come to be supportive of her family and grieve, and we wound up being uplifted by her words.

May we all have that special peace in our hearts every day.


  1. I'm so sorry your friend passed away last week, terribly sad for such a young girl to lose her mother.

    I don't have deer's eating the plants in my garden, but two toddlers 'helpfully' removing those plants they don't like! Gah!! What are you to do!

  2. Hi Mary! Just checking in on you. I'm so sorry that for the loss of your friend. It sounds like it was a beautiful celebration of her life and an encouragement that you will see her again. Your frame is beautiful and will make a wonderful chalkboard. I hope I can find a great frame like that one day. Your plants just scream "life" to me. So encouraging! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. hugs, Candace

  3. hi Mar, the frame from your Dad's is really pretty! hope you are feeling better soon, it might helped if the rain stopped for more than an hour! suz